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Heh, My wiper blades fighting...



Have any of you seen the movie Zorro?

Well, if not, my wiper blades are doing a fine reenactment.

I've only had the car for a couple weeks and it just rained. My blades were fighting so hard I couldn't see squat. They like bump in to each other on the down stroke and miss the glass all together. (makes driving a bit of a challenge).

At any rate, I thought I saw a post here somewhere on replacing my 84 blades with 93's.

Let me know, if you have a suggestion.

This is my second dumb question this week. Please be nice to me.


:cool STW :cool

Wiper Adjustment

Hey Stubby,
You should be able to adjust your wipers so they don't make contact. My 78 had a similar problem that hubby fixed.
He turned on the wipers and turned off the car just before the wipers touched. When you turn off the car, the wipers should stay up on the windshield. Then you should be able to adjust them so they don't interfere with each other.
If your blades are out of alignment, changing them won't help if they need to be properly adjusted.
May the force be with you...and not your wiper blades!
Here's some info I saved to my archives when I adjusted my wipers for the same problem on my 90 ZR-1:

"Windshield Wipers have been hitting & binding since car was new. Readjusted Windshield Wipers per Owners Manual & Vette magazine tech. article. Drivers side found to be out of adjustment - almost hitting windshield reveal molding instead of being 1" away in HIGH speed with a wet windshield. Adjusted drivers side wiper(Down by 1"). Now with wet windshield the tip of the drivers side wiper comes to 1" from the reveal and the passengers side wiper tip to 1-1/2" from the reveal with less than 2" from the center of the Left wiper to the tip of the Right wiper in the PARK position per tech. bulletin."

You can access the wiper linkage adjustment, at least on my 90, thru the small black plastic perforated rectangular access panel (approx. 1" x 3") in the center of the vent area just below the wipers when parked.
Jay, I used to use "Rain-X" all the time, but when I did use the wipers, I found that I had developed a nasty chatter with the blades dragging, instead of a smooth sweep, across the glass. Have you had this experience?

It's great stuff except for that.
1987 Z51,
I use "Rain-X" also - Works Great!!

I had some wiper chatter once, but cured it by popping the wiper blades of their stud on the wiper arm with a large screwdriver and flipping the wiper blade 180 deg and re-installing. Cured the problem :s

Seems that somewhere I've read you should do this once a year as the rubber blades will take "a set" to the angle of the windshield when parked and could cause chattering. :eek

I've been doing it every year, and the Few times the ZR-1 is in the rain, never had the problem again. :D
Thanks everyone...

:cool STW :cool

check this out

There is a tech article at corvettemagazine.com.
Here is the link. :)
Thanks Gid...

Jay, You may want to check...Ha...


:cool STW :cool
Nice Article Gid,
Pretty much what I had to do.:eek

The factory adjustment on my '90 ZR-1 was way off! The first time I got caught in the rain and went to use them, they jammed together and I thought they were going to snap off. :(

They worked fine on a Dry windshield, but once it got Wet, Major Problems!


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