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Hello from Colorado


Oct 31, 2019
Northwest Colorado
1984 Two tone Light/Medium blue metallic
Hello friends,

I purchased my first Corvette yesterday, a 1984 two-tone light/medium blue metallic LT1. It looks better from 20 feet away for sure, but that's exactly why I bought it, with the intent to make it pretty again with performance as an afterthought... maybe this approach is uncommon lol ;shrug
I'm having it towed to my house by this Saturday, so the only pic I took is the one on the lot below.

My list of immediate "to-dos" without really digging into the car and in no particular order:
1. Replacement window sweeps/other weatherstripping as necessary
2. New interior door handles
3. Repair dash cracks
4. Hatch/Hood struts
5. Attempt to restore some color or paint if I must (any suggestions for a good polish/paint cleaner, Meguiars color restore?)
6. Tires
7. Replace cracked Targa top
8. Replace cracked windscreen
9. Clean engine/bay
10. Replace seat fabric/find really good seat covers

If anyone has any suggestions on any of this or could tell me where to find great deals on parts I'm all ears!
(I can't use Rockauto for anything, they don't ship to my town due to tax issues)

I am no stranger to restoration, before taking my current job on the service side of the commercial trucking business, I worked at a shop where I had restored plenty of cars from the 60's on and I've worked on cars and trucks for about 10 years now since graduating technical school. I've been itching for a project.. and
I've always dreamed of owning a C4 with the digital dash and I've finally got one! Thanks for having me.

Welcome & good luck with your project.
Welcome to CAC!!!!
check out the corvette vendors.
there are a couple of corvette junk yards!!!
good luck!!!!
Welcome from another recently-joined member! Congrats on your new 'Vette! I always thought that lt/drk blue combination looked great on the C3s and C4s. Best of luck on the project!! --Bill
Welcome to the CAC. That's going to be a fun project. I'd give that polish a try and see how it comes out. Sometimes it's necessary to do a light color sanding first but it all depends on the condition of the clear coat. It's always better to try the least aggressive option first then go more aggressive if necessary.


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