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Sep 5, 2019
Santa Rosa Ca.
1973 Blue Coupe
Hello everyone. My name is Charles. I have been a Corvette lover my whole life. Bought my first Corvette right out of high school. A 64 convertible which I owned for 25 years. I have since owned a 72 small block and currently own a 73 small block with a 4 speed which I've owned for 7 years now.
I am having a problem with my car which I hope someone can help me identify. Last night I'm driving along on the freeway, cruising at 65 enjoying the rumble of the 383 stroker I installed 10,000 miles ago when all of a sudden I hear a popping sound like a back fire, motor started to run very rough and making a not too healthy sound, all this white smoke coming out of the back and motor just quit. Tried to start it again and nothing not even a click. Haven't had a chance to tear into it but would anyone like to guess what happened to my baby. Thank you for your help in advance. Charles
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Another Welcome.
Welcome to the CAC, Charles.

Now, the bad news. Based on your brief post, I'd say you blew-up your engine.
Hib:Yeah I think you are right. For sure a blown head gasket on passenger side which means I'll have to do the whole bottom end. Heads look good. Still need to find out what's making the noise. I'll be able to tell more when the heads come off. Now the question is do I take in the short block and get it reworked which means I'll have to get the heads shaved right? Do I buy another short block for like 3 grand then I'll have to buy a cam, etc. or I went on the gm performance page and they have a new 350/330hp for $3200?

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