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I plan on entering autocross events with my club and need a helmet. Any recommendations on brand, where to get one, and how much to pay? I was told to get a Snell 2000 rating and a full face helmet was recommended. Thanks
Oct 30, 2001
Glen Burnie, MD, USA
1986 Bright Red Coupe
Summit Racing seems to have the best prices (www.summitracing.com) and a decent selection. Any reasoning behind the full face? I wear glasses and plan to get an open-face helmet - my glasses just don't sit right otherwise.

We had this discussion on another forum I'm on, and a number of people said to spend as much as you could afford - it was your head you were protecting. I personally don't agree with that - after looking at the offerings Summit has, you can get a really nice Snell 2000 helmet (open or full) for under $250. Anything above that is aerodynamics or fancy paint jobs or easily replaceable linings.

Oh, and I've been told to spend the extra $30 and get a neck brace for the helmet to sit on.



It is very important to get a proper fitting helmet. You should take careful measurements to get an exact fit. I would recomend Simpson or Bell. I have used them both in open and closed face. In autocross, racing a street car I have used an open face and stayed confortable. If you have any plans to race and open wheel or any other class in S.C.C.C.A. road racing then use a closed face for added protection. I have been using Simpson closed faced for many years and am very happy. If you plan on racing a lot, then I recomend you get a kevlar or carbon fiber. The weight difference is amazing.

Remember, that is your head you are protecting, it is not worth trying to save a few bucks on a cheap helmet.

Just my 2cents worth

Dave R.:s

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