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Help- Any Muffler Eliminator Owners



I am looking to install muffler eliminators on my stock 95 lt1. I have heard that the sound is much more desirable than the rather quiet stock system. If anyone has any experience with this product pros/cons please let me know, your imput would be great. At this point I am not in the situation to install performance mufflers in the several hundred dollar range, but would like a upgrade from the stock.
Thanks for any ;help
I run eliminators on both the 82 and 85. Since the 82 is stock there is really no performance gain but a good look and sound with no resonation issues. The 85 on the other hand showed marked improvement when coupled with open air box, AIT sensor re-lo and stage II chip. Once again no resonation issues and GREAT sound.
Hope it helps,
I had muffler eliminators installed on my 88 last summer....made all the difference in the world sound-wise!! I ordered them from Mid-America (about $135) and had my mechanic install them for about $50. Well worth it!

Lemon Peel aka Elaine
Did you get any popping while slowing down?
I have heard that they pop as you slow down
Paid about $130 from Ecklers and took em to a muffler shop for installation. I've had no popping on either car.
Matts95LT1 said:
Did you get any popping while slowing down?
I have heard that they pop as you slow down

Yes, I do have some "popping" (is that what's called resonating?) when slowing down but nothing I can't live with, that's for sure.


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