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Help!! Hood latch stuck on my '74



Can anyone tell me how to open the hood on my '74? The latch on the passenger side is open, but the one on the driver's side will not release. The cable that runs across from the driver's side to the passenger side latch was inadvertently disconnected while shaking the hood trying to unlatch the driver's side. I guess what I really need to understand is exactly how the latch mechanism works. I can reach it from underneath the front driver's side wheel, but can't get it to unlatch. I have been working on this problem for a week and it's driving me crazy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
I had this happen to me, too. I know the '74 is a bit different from the '78 but I hope this helps. If you can reach the latch from underneath, there's a lever on the bottom, below the swivel that actually does the latching. If you can push the forward part of that lever up, it should unlatch.

I really hope they haven't changed that much. :)
I'm not sure how to get it open on a 74 but on my 79 this has obviously happend to it before because some one has attached wires to the latch so if the cable breaks I can pull my wire and open the hood. the arm on the bottom goes towards the fender on mine.
Had this happen to me but the factory thought of everything. What you need is a metal rod about a foot and a half long. I used a piece of 3/8 threaded rod. Bend it at about a 30 degreee angle in the middle. Now from the windshield side you will be able to look down at the firewall just behind the latch mechanism and there will be a plastic plug. Push in on it with your newly fabricated rod. After removing the plug slide the rod into the hole about 2-3 inches and lift up. It will push down on the release mechanism and release the latch.
Hood releasee

My cable is so stretched out of shape, the driver's side released but the other didn't. This may raise the hair up on the back of your neck, but I propped up the driver's side of the hood with a spray can lid so that I could aim the flashlight, saw the cable just inches from the fender and grabbed it with a small hook I made from a coat hanger. Popped easy as you please. My new cable is in the mail. I actually tried to reach the latch from under the car. Not even close. My arm couldn't bend that many different ways.
Try Not To Think About It

I have wondered what I'd do if my cable ever snapped on the 'OL 62 just short of kidnapping a small neighbor kid with really long skinny arms. I'm sure there's a way and if I ever find out about a special tool or a trick, I'm sure I'll print it out and put it in the trunk.:)
You guys ever had to deal with a C4 latch? :L At least they make a tool for it (Gordon Killebrew came up with the idea) to reach the latches in case the cable breaks. The bad thing is it sells for twenty dollars; you can make your own for about a buck or two! :eyerole


:L Oh, and speaking of a skinny armed kid for doing the job; have y'all ever changed a bulb in the tail lights of a C4? :mad
C4 light

My brother in law said it was a piece of cake. He has looooong skinny arms. I don't know if he is for rent.:s

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