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hey! I got the 1989 vette HP=245 and the torque=345 I have to admit that this is the first time I see this info and I was kinda surprice because my friend have an 1995 Z28 and he has 275 hp and the torque is much lower than the vette what do that mean?, so whats torque good for? I need some help here, where the torque goes?

do you guys know where I can find information like this about the 89vette? information like where I can finde the 89 vette drive train and the much more about this wonderfull pice of art

torque is the engines pulling power or the twist put out to the trans thats what moves your car!! the more the better!! hp is the torque X the rpm (simplified answer) the higher the engine can spin and still produce torque the better!!L98s are designed to work most efficiently at 2000-5500 rpm , LT1s at 3300-6000 rpm thats why LT1s have more hp total(more rpm while wound up tight) that's also why most L98s will out run them until they build engine speed!the L98s tpi has long runners to build torque the LT1s are short giving up torque down low for better breathing up high(rpm) thats why hps higher. hope that helps! both engines can be improved in the hp dept but unless you change the intake and head design the rpm ranges will remain different for the engines

I'll be adding an in-depth article on horsepower and torque to the site later tonight. Although it's not Corvette-specific, it is applicable to all automobiles and very good reading.

We'll also be rolling out the specs. pages for the '87-'89 Corvettes over the next couple of days. Hang tight!
JT ZR-Won said:
That means you'll beat your buddies car:D


LOL, what Jay said.

The L-98 is a torque monster. Off the line I would expect your '89 to hold it's own with your friends Z-28, and probably pull on him till he get's his RMP's up.


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