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HELP with Bear Model # 27 Caster Camber Gauge.



Hi gmjunkie, I came on to your post on your BEAR MODEL #27 alignment gauge and would like to ask a few questions as I picked up a clamp on model #27 and don't know much about it. I understand caster & Camber & toe, but first the level
on the back side the (Bulls eye) Do you start by leveling the car first, then attaching the gauge to wheel with maybe backside up?.. so the gauge can be leveled to????
Is the gauge rotated 180* the gauge itself?...or the wheel and mounted gauge rotated 180* making vials face up? The gauge has a 1" long 3/4" dowel on the end that slips into a corresponding socket with a locking set screw. by loosing the set screw this makes it possible to rotate gauge 360* without moving the clamp on attachment. I have cleaned and lightly lubed the axes point inside gauge without moving any of the set screw attachments any help that you can give me on understanding this unit would be greatly appreciated. Or if you know of a course
of information on the use of the gauge would help. The gauge itself has instruction on the back.......bur doesn't say anything about the back bulls eye level.
eimuller@cox.net Redcars
If anyone else has information on this Bear Model #27 gauge please Email me.:)

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