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Help with seats



I just received new seats pre installed on new foam for my 1979 coupe with 4 inch bolsters. Has any one done this change out? How do they "snap in and out?" Any thing to watch out for ? At almost 600.00 bucks Im a little aprehensive about starting. Do I need any other hardware? Tools? ;help
I did this last year on my 82. You should be able to squeeze the back cushion together towards the middle of the seat and it will pop out (or just push one side of the cushion to the other). The bottom cushion comes out next - just pull up on the rear and it should flip out towards the dash. Getting the new ones in was a little tough. I found doing the backs first made it easier, however, the new cushions are stiff and I used needle nose pliers on the rods to "help" them in (4 connections and I DO mean 'help'). Once you take out the old, you will understand how the new goes in. If I can do it, anyone can.


Thanks forthe help Guy. Im going to try your advice now.
re seats

Hey Guy, you were sure right. they were tough. It took me about 1 1/2 hours. For me it was easy to do the bottoms first. Im a little let down that I ordered the wrong type of fabric from Eckl;ers. I thought I was getting OEM but I accidently ordered vinyl. Thats why It was such a good deal. Its all right though, they look great. Thanks again for the help. Do you get a lot of rain in Ma? We are really dry here Its hot allready. Im getting my 79's rad. rodded tomorrow. Its runnin hot on the freeway.
take care.
Re: re seats

desertsled said:
Do you get a lot of rain in Ma? Mark

Rain? We got snow Saturday :eek! Don't feel bad about the seats - OEM seats are only leather middles with vinal side bolsters. If they look and feel good, that what counts.

Count me in on this one...

I got the bottom in with little difficulty. I don't see how on god's green earth I'm gonna get the backs on! The bars that catch the clips are a good 1/4" into the padding. If I try to compress the cushion (front to back), I only manage to squeeze the front towards the back! I can't actually get the back forward enough to catch the clip... Does all this front/back and inbetween make any sense?!?! Either way, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do now.

As for the seats themselves...well, my old vinyl seats were very well worn in and comfy. The new leather is very nice, but stiff stiff stiff. I guess I'll just have to keep driving to get it worn in!

back back to installation problems... anyone have any ideas? I looked at the old seats and it appeared that they weren't actually clipped to the bars, but to the bar that the fabric is clipped to. I worked for it all these past years; I think that's what I may end up having to do. What do y'all think? Save the back for SharkFest and let one of you veterans just snap it in in 15 seconds flat??? :D
I also ordered the vinyl. I drive mine too often to get the leathers. Vinyl is easy to clean and leather cracks too soon. I installed the lowers with just the front clips so every spring I switch the lowers around so they wear evenly. Installing the backs was a *****. I actually cut the foam around the clips so they would grab. They take about a year of regular driving to break in. Enjoy the new seats theyre great. Use Lexol Vinyl cleaner!!! It works the best.
I had the same problem.

At first I thought they were made wrong. The new cushions can't be squeezed and after an hour I was ready to send them back. I ended up using needle nose pliers on one hook at a time.I'd get one side of the seat done and then work on the other.
As for comfort, I used them all season last year and they never broke in to my liking. I got my old ones fixed (only had a small tear in one cushion) and the new cushions are long gone on Ebay.

Originally posted by mmvette80
I actually cut the foam around the clips so they would grab.
I just talked to my buddy [I'm at work now] who did his seats last summer. He said that he used an exacto to cut the foam around the bar as well. I was thinking the same thing last night, but figured for the price, I'll be patient and get some other opinions first from those that have done this already.

Use Lexol Vinyl cleaner!!! It works the best.
So I've heard. I have the leather seats though. Is their vinyl cleaner also their leather cleaner?
Seats.......... ah yes. The backs are the hardest. It took me about 2 hrs with the first, 20 minutes with the second. Andre, your buddy is right. You will need to trim back some of the seat foam to get the bar visible and available to reach the clips in the seat backs. I found that if I used a couple long, think flat head screwdrivers in the seat back to stretch out the bar once I got it over the clip; slip out the screwdriver quickly and it should snap right into place. Repeat on the other side and Voila!! The foam will spring back and hold them in place. The bottoms are a piece of cake compard to the tops. Also, I disassembled the backs from the pans and it seemed much easier.

Now regarding the 4" bolster. This I have not been happy with. Lesson Learned file says to order the original 2 1/2" bolster the next time. I have to use a small pillow in the top of my back for the seat to be completely comfortable. C'est la vie. Hope this extra info helps everyone.

............... Nut

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