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what can i use to clean my car windows, both inside and out. I have tried everything and all i get is streaking and a lot of glass cleaner that does not work. help!!!!
billy c.
The secret to no streaks...

Use Newspaper instead of paper towels. Works with most any glass cleaner. For my car windows, I use either Armor All Glass cleaner, or, when that's not handy, simple windex. The secret is in the Newspaper, but don't use the colored adds, just the black and white print.

Hope this helps.

T Jay
thanks i have tried newspaper but find that if i use to much cleaner the newspaper will not absorb the cleaner and i get streaking. i will try the armor all cleaner.
thanks :s
A clean cotton rag,(t-shirt, sheet or such) and Rain-X window cleaner, never a streak. Use the same combination around the house too.
I swear by "Invisible Glass", wiped off with a microfibre towel. The thing to remember is to keep the cloth moving, don't let it get too damp. Also agree with nyernga...don't try to clean the glass in the sun or if the windshield is hot! You'll go crazy!

Lemon Peel aka Elaine
I use General Motors, Glass Cleaner and it works really good.

Water & vinegar mix in a spray bottle. A tip learned from my stock-boy days in the mid-sixties. We used this combo for the store-front windows.

I use a clean coton towel and water. I clean a section of the window at a time. It may take longer but it works.
82-Guy said:
Water & vinegar mix in a spray bottle. A tip learned from my stock-boy days in the mid-sixties. We used this combo for the store-front windows.

Hey Guy, I've heard of pickled eggs, pickled tomatoes, and even pickled pigs feet, but I've never heard of a pickled Vette:s.

On topic, I use newspaper too with just a light mist of whatever glass cleaner we have under the sink.

- Eric
Bob Allison's -- Ask Your Neighbor
5.)For a good glass cleaner combine a quart of water with 1/4 to 1/2 c. of white vinegar, 1 to 2 T. of lemon juice or 1 to 2 T. rubbing alcohol.
From: The Dirt Devil Cleaning Station
I have found a better way to clean windows without using the vinegar and newspaper. I use warm water with cornstarch sprinkled in. Swish to dissolve. Use a clean wet rag to wash the window. Follow with a clean cotton cloth to dry. The windows start drying by themselves, and **SPARKLE** with no streaks. Very easy to do and economical too. Much cleaner than the newspaper ink getting all over your hands, etc. Hope this works for you as well as it does for me!
- submitted by Nannette H
And this from: Learn2.com
Clean windows don't just make it easier to see, they make the whole interior look, well, cleaner. Here's how to get them (and the plastic dash lenses) sparkling:
  • Use a glass cleaner that isn't ammonia-based. While ammonia works well in the home, it can harm many of the surfaces in your car's interior, such as vinyl and leather, and can stain the finishes you've worked so hard to apply.
  • Apply the cleaner onto a clean towel rather than spraying it directly on the windows.
  • Start with the front doors. Roll the windows down about 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) to get the very top, buff the area dry, then roll the windows up and clean the rest. Pay close attention to the window corners -- this is where you get the most grime buildup. Use a toothbrush or cotton swab for hard-to-reach or particularly caked-on areas (just apply the cleaner to the bristles or cotton).
  • Once you've applied the cleaner and worked it over the surface, buff the surface dry with a clean towel, the other side of the washing towel, or some newspaper, which provides a lint-free, streak-free shine. Crumple the newspaper into a ball before buffing.
  • Move to the inside windshield, the rear-view mirror, the dash lenses, then the back doors and rear windows. As you clean and buff, continue to take particular care with the corners and edges.
  • Finally, take a seat in your freshly minted automobile and behold the stunning, jewel-like grandeur of your majestic labors.
Finally this and I'll quit ok? From:
Autopia Car Care via howtocleananything.com
Glass Cleaners
Just as in selecting car shampoo and wax, no two car enthusiasts can agree on the ultimate glass cleaner. Some people like ammonia cleaners, others swear by TSP, while the purists will use nothing but clear water.
Whatever you use, the principles are the same: clean, dry and polish. I highly discourage the use of ammonia-based glass cleaners on your car. While ammonia is a great glass cleaner for the home, ammonia is harmful to many car surfaces including vinyl, rubber, and leather. More importantly, the use of ammonia inside your car is harmful to your health. As a substitute to ammonia, I prefer citric acid, alcohol, or mechanical cleaners.
Glass cleaners in a spray bottle work fine. The only problem is over spray on the dash and upholstery. As it is difficult to direct the spray of glass cleaners, you will have the best luck spraying one side of a clean towel, wiping the glass, and they drying with the other side of the towel. Many professional detailers use plain water for wiping and cleaning the windows and dry the glass with newspaper. Unlike paper towels and most cotton towels, newspaper does not leave behind lint and the ink acts as a glass polish. The only draw back to this method is the newsprint ink on your hands when you’re done. Be sure to wash your hands before touching your upholstery.

And remember -- "If every car in the country were white you would live in a white carnation." :Silly

_ken :w
Newspaper with most any glass cleaner without ammonia (bad for tinted glass)without
i use newspaper as the cloth, i agree with ken on the rubbing alcohol and white vinegar, the only thing i do different is i use
distilled water. stw
Try the Blue Shop Towels (paper towel) from Advance Auto Part store. There really soft and strong with a good glass cleaner. There so soft that you can use them for all most anything..!

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