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Fast Ed

when I start my 76 and run it for about 5 minits i hear a hissing sound from behind me. I thought at first aother gas line leak. Upon further investigation i found the battery is boiling over. Volt meater is pegged but multi meater reads 17 VDC. Normal! With the battery inside the aroma of acid and hydrogen make me aprehensive to start it. Any ideas?
Themechanical part of project is done just need to attach the front clip and finish the electric.
Fast Ed,

Disconnect the alternater, and start the car, run it and see if the hisssssssssing stops. My guess is you are pushing to many amps through the the battery, Or vise versa.. start it and disconnect the battery, there may be shorted cells in the battery.

You could remove the battery and use jumper cables to do the checks.. be sure to cover the battery with some form of protection against catastrophic failure... ie. thick plastic or a rubber blanket with plywood on it and as far away from you and your Corvette as possible. I'm in somewhat of a hurry here so forgive the scattered arrangement of my thoughts :(

Fast Ed,

Sorry to say that 17 volts dc is NOT NORMAL, thats why your boiling your battery. Your voltage regulator inside your alternator has failed. You need to have your alternator rebuilt or replaced. Normal charging volts are 13.2-14.1 maximum. Sulfuric acid fumes are extremely explosive, and very corrosive, and can damage your car and yourself. Breathing fumes can cause severe respiratory problems. Don't fool around!!!! this is not a good situation.


I did disconnect the alternater and the problem stoped.
Thanx Bud and Dale New one on the way

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