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Apr 3, 2008
Orange County,CA
1981 dark purple coupe
Hey everyone, its been over a year since ive been on here so i'd like to cordially say howdy and how i missed you all ever so much and all your wealth of knowledge :beer, cheers. Well I'll get to my first question already haha. The P.O. had a basic fuel setup with a Holly carb and i'm trying the convert the car back to the quadro-jet. I guess my question is what is needed to make the Q-jet work properly. Although i am in California im not concerned with the SMOG equipment, i have my connections where that's not needed :cool!:. The carb itself is ready to go. So is it as simple as plugging in the comp. and and the carb or are there other parts that i need to get? I'm not aware of what parts are stripped in the process of going to the basic fuel setup. Sorry for the nooby questions, i'm not a carb junkie, yet:chuckle.
Ill try to find some pics of the motor with the holly carb so you guys can see what i'm working with.
For the computer and the carb to work it needs (this is from memory, I can look in the book and be more precise later)
- Throttle position sensor
- Speed sensor
- Vacuum sensor
- Oxygen sensor
- Temperature sensor

I think this is all it needs. From my experience, if any one of these are not working, the computer will go open loop.
If you do not have to worry about emmisions, and the car has been stripped of all this stuff, why would you go this way -- just put a carb and a vacuum controlled distributer on it
Thanks! This really helps. I was thinking of keeping the basic setup but after reading hours of other threads i determined the q-jet has un-limitless potential if tuned correctly. Reputable members on here helped sway my decision by repeatedly saying the q-jets are better than any holly. I'm a novice in this department so for now i'll agree with the experts lol.

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