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Hey guys, over from CF



Whats up ZR-1ers!!! Cool to have our own board here. Went for a ride today after installing my harness bar, what a great improvement in chassis rigidity, I love it!

Which Harness bar did you install? also does it reduce the flex when you take the targa top off?

hi guys , I'm new to this forum and will be hanging out over at C5 and Racing Boards . Any of you ZR-1 guys know Racerguy Tony Talavera or his ZR-1 ? ...

www.lazyinn.net/page5.html : if you aint scared you aint going fast enough
Not much activity here.


Yeah I know.....I'm working on it....

-Rob, Site Admin.


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hey rob, keep sending those links over on moms board and CF. got me over.

nice board, cleanest UBB setup I've seen.

nice job!!!
Thanks Ron! We've been busting butt here!!!!!! Spread the word!!!!
I guess betta late than never to reply, I have one of Terry Farber's bars, Love it!!:)
I agree with Tom (CanZR1). It's really great to have our own board. Guess I need to start passing the word along to our LT5 Registry & ZR-1Net members.

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