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hi-performance throttle body air duct


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Feb 24, 2001
Camp Hill, PA
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does anyone know where i can get a smooth throttle body air duct to replace the accordian style duct for a 96 LT-4?

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Try Lingenfelter Performance Engineering in Decatur, Indiana. We have a link to their web site under the "Aftermarket Performance Tuners" section on the <a href="../links1.html">Links Index</a> page of the Corvette Action Center. If you call them, ask for Jason Haines and ask him if they have something like that. I believe they do.
thanx for your reply. i did talk to someone at Linginfelter last week as I had remembered seeing the smooth type of throttle body air duct in one of their older catalogs. i was told that, however, they never actually gotm them produced because the manufacturer, SAMCO, for some
reason or other, couldn't produce them.
Hmmm....did they suggest any other manufacturer or distributor? I'm trying to think of who else, might make or supply them....
intake duct

I got what is called a "Power Coupler" from Corvette Central last year, and I think that you could find a better use for the $40 you'd spend for the coupler. I perceived no noticeable difference with the coupler; the open lid for the airbox and a K&N filter gives a more SOTP feeling of improvement.
Just my .02 worth. ;)
Wish there was something less expensive that accomplished the same goal. I've seen them for the LS1, but I know they weren't that expensive. I guess every little bit helps...but for $40, sounds like about as good a deal as an Air Foil. ;)

BTW, my First post!
Check out http://www.bakerprecision.com/ for the silicone material to make your own LT1/LT4 air duct. No one out there actually produces an aftermarket air duct for sale but you can probably buy the silicone ducting to make your own.

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