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High mileage maintenance items.....maybe should be done?


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Jul 20, 2005
Scituate, MA
2000 Navy targa
I have a failed catalytic converter which I may have been able to save perhaps if I had replaced lazy old o2 sensors. The car ran fine, although fuel economy had tailed off, from 20 to about 18 mpg. The pipe tips are very black, and I'm one who most of the time is driving at low revs, conserving fuel.

Are there other long term items that should be replaced that are not on the Chevrolet maintenance schedule?

Toolguy says the thermostat. I think that's a good suggestion, although it's an easy one to monitor, just by looking at your 3 temperature gauges, analog and digital coolant and dig. oil. Hey, but maybe it is getting tired- gradually. PCV's are cheap and easy to replace, so that's a good one too.

How about all the various sensors. Are there any others that can subtly fail and lead to bigger issues?

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Call it 101,800 but I didn't get it off the clock, but that's close.....

I did the CRC Throttle Body and MAF cleaning over the weekend which was a real fussy little deal, but I did get it done. I'm waiting on delivery of a Flowmaster cat pipe to get that done.



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