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High oilpressure!!!!! help!




Maybe someone can help me with my oilpressure promblem on my
1978 L48 engine

Last weekend I was cruising and suddenly my oliepressure was very high 7-8 normaly it was around 4. I thought it was the oilpressure sensor I replaced it but the prssure was still 7-8.

This evening I checked it with a oilpressure meter it read 6-7 Too high!!!!! Then I replaced the oilfiter for a new one still the reading was 6-7 stationar!!!
Is there anyone out thete who had the same problem or someone who can help me with this??

If you can, many thanks


high op

I have not had this same problem...but I will try to help...and I'm sure others here will also offer assistance to you.

You tell us that you checked op with oil pressure meter...is that a "mechanical" type meter (a.k.a. guage or gage) with fluid tubing...rather than another electrical meter? If high op is verified with mechanical meter...then there is no reason to proceed with further electrical testing.

One small mechanical possibility for high op is that the "bypass valve" could be stuck or clogged. Mine ('71 sb) is located where the oil filter screws on. Remove the oil filter...there is a male threaded "pipe" that the oil filter screws onto...this "pipe" is attached to engine block with two small bolts. This "pipe" contains a check valve or bypass valve. Maybe you can try to remove the "pipe valve" and clean it in some gas or diesel fuel.

If it is NOT a mechanical reason for high op...Could it be that the circuit going to the sensor switch has a small short to ground (earth negative)? I have not seen this occur in vette...but have seen it in other cars.

By the way, do you have aquaintance or friendship in Netherlands with person(s) with family name "Dewitt" or "DeWitt"??? Hope this helps...let us know.
you have a stuck oil pressure relief valve in the oil pump. only way to fix it is to drop the pan and replace the oil pump.

the valve you are refering to is the oil filter bypass valve. it only works if the oil filter becomes too clogged to permit flow. has no effect on oil pressure.
Thanks Jack and Stingray6974 for your qiuck response:)

Jack the oilpressure meter is a mechanical.

Stingray6974, are you sure, did you have the same problem?

I didn't know about the valve in the pump. I can't find any info about the oilsystem.

If you are pretty sure about it I wil remove the oilpump this weekend. I'll keep you posted!!!!!!!!


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