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Hmm 🤔

:LOL: Every article about the C5 always says the interior is awful, I honestly have no problem with it. After the C2s, the C5 is my favorite model.
I think it depends on what its being compared to. It shouldn't be as sleek and streamlined as the newer Vettes, but it should be an improvement over past generations. I like the C5 interior... way easier to get in and out compared to a C4 :)
I'm thinking the author is a Ford or Mopar guy. There has always been haters of Corvette from both of those camps. In reality, compared to Ford GT40s, Ferraris Lambos and the some other Euro supercars, the interiors of C#-C5s (and C6sand C7s to some extent) are cheaply made and looks .... but the thing most people, who are haters, seem to overlook/ignore is, comparing the price difference. I'm pretty sure the General could have made comparable interiors, but the price of the Corvette would have to increase as well, putting it out of the reach of a 'middle class' buyer ... which, I believe, was a primary design criteria.

I have always thought Chevy has done a remarkable job making the Corvette competitive in all aspects to those other cars at a price point that makes them affordable. As I recall, back in 1971, when the local Ford dealer brought in a De Tomaso Pantera, the thing that stood out to me the most, was how cheaply made the interior was.....As I remember the carpet looked like very thin indoor=outdoor carpet available at the time.

Let the Haters, hate, I'll take my C6 anyday.

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