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Hood Blanket



I recently purchased a hood blanket for my 73.

The blanket I received was painted black on one side. Now, in all my years of car'ing, the black or finish side always faced out.

However, this blanket is cut so that the black side goes toward the hood and the bare side faces out.

Is this correct :confused or do I need to be calling Corvette Central to return this thing.


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May 9, 2002
73 350 coupe
don't know the answer because i kust got my 73 in april that need restored, i live in east brunswick not far from you, i waited a long time to get my 73 & loving it, just put on an entire bake system,it took me 3wks to do it but i got so much help from this site, next project is my entire exhaust system.i will be ready for the road in about 3 months.


As a follow-up should anyone [else] ask.

Turns out, the hood blanket I received is correct and the black finished side goes toward the hood and the unfinished side toward the engine.

So be it. :)

pizza3260, good luck with your project. Started mine 2.5 years ago. Just about done with a full body on restoration. I too started with the brakes followed by the exhaust. Then the interior, fuel tank/system, then the tranny, the rear suspension.

Drove it 80 miles and the timing chain jumped a tooth. So it was a crate engine with some add-on's of my choice (edelbrock manifold and carb, MSD distributor/iginition, and a few other niceties).

Drove it 280 miles and now it is back in the garage getting the full treatment on the front suspension. While it was apart I did the radiator and front bumper.

The race is on to have it road ready for the end of June's drvive to the 50th anniversary kick-ff in Bowling Green.

Mechanincally it is just about as new as one can get. Then it is on to the body and paint. It may not look pretty for the Bowling Green trip, but it will make it there and back.

Yes, you are correct about this forum. Lots of knowledgeable folks helping us out. I hope to soon become a more active forum member to carry/pass on the knowledge and return the favor.

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