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Hood Supports

Mar 3, 2001
Andover, MA USA
1986 "Bright Red" Coupe
Any ideas on how to install the small gas spring hood supports at the front of the hood? The old ones came off easy but the new ones are much stronger and I can't compress them enough to get them on. I know somebody on the forum must have found a trick to it by now.
I didn't bother changing mine when I went to the upgrade, but if I remember correctly, I saw somewhere here where someone said all you have to do is raise the hood a little past where it normally stops (a helper would be good ;)) and the unit should fit in. Did you try that?

_ken :w
I'm gonna try that. Right now my vette is on jack stands in my garage, the hood just barely clears my ceiling in there. When I get it back on the floor I should be able to open it more, maybe even remove the hood support rod. Thanks for the "Support"!
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you had to remove one end of the support rod! :eek:

_ken :w
Oh, man. I went through the same agony the first week I owned my 86... tried C clamps, vise grips, blocks of wood...

As Ken says, unbolt the scissors prop rod from the hood and you'll get that extra couple of millimeters you need.

This trick, though, is best done with a friend's help - if the hood drops while you're swapping the struts, you'll be in a world of hurt. Idiot me did the job myself because I was in a hurry - even though I know better. No harm done... this time. You could prop the hood with a stick, but that will just lead you to a false sense of security.

Thanks for the help, this looks like the way to go. Will give it a shot as soon as I can move it outside and have the needed headroom.
Hey Tom, run a search here, or in the Off Road Lounge, because we talked about this before, and I think someone said that you can get 'em at Pep Boys for a whole lot less than GM or the aftermarket like MAD, etc.. ;)

_ken :w

It was I...while in vacation in Portsmouth Va. last year I happened into a Pep Boys and found a pair of the small hood struts for ...rrrrrready...(drum roll...) $9.95 each. I did not know then what a deal it was till I started looking at some catalogs. When I go this year I plan to buy them up at 9 each...and also check to see if they have the rear hatch struts and at what price.

I also left the note about lifting it just a bit higher to install the last strut, and I did this by myself. Do the passenger side first and you will not have to undo the hood support as the hood will "twist" a bit when you push it up to get the driverside installed.
I bought my struts from carparts.com - $9.95 each plus about $5 for shipping. Our local Pep Boys didn't carry them. I think mine are made by Gabriel (the shock/strut company).
I I bought my supports from NAPA auto parts, $16.95 ea, a whole lot less than dealer cost.

I just did the same replacement your doing and the support for the hood is just loose now. I mean it doesnt even touch the stops when open, those gas springs really do the trick.

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