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Horn Quit



I don't get on the horn very often so the horn on the 85 may have quit some time ago. Any suggestions on the obvious? I looked through the early posts and couldn't find much. Wiring looks good, fuse OK, no recent work done that would affect operation. All suggestions appreciated:confused
No ken. Haven't done any work other than normal service. I'm hoping it's something simple.:eyerole
Mine works, so all I can do is give you this as feedback:
"A single horn is standard on some models, while dual horns are standard on some models and optional on others.

Each horn utilizes a solenoid-actuated diaphragm to developm a resonating air column in horn projector. Diagnoses covered in Section 8A.

A relay is used in the horn circuit because of high current required to operate horns. The relay reduces the length of heavy gage wire required and provides a more direct connection between horns and battery. Consequently, high voltage is available at the horns and better performance is obtained by eliminating voltage drop which otherwise would be in the horn button wiring circuit,"



...continued from above, but not worth scanning:
Circuit Operation
When the horn button is depressed, one side of the coil of the horn relay is grounded. The relay is energized. Its contacts close and battery voltage is applied to the horns.

I hope this helps you.

Really appreciate the info. This should be enough to go on. My gut feeling is the relay. Well, something to do this week-end:) Got re-locating the AIT sensor (the 30 minute job from hell since I can't even get the sensor out) and now the horn. Man, ya gotta love it:L
I'll post my results.

Before you spend any money, try the horn itself.
Disconnect the wire from the horn.
Connect a jumper wire from the Positive Battery Terminal to the horn.
If the horn doesn't work, the horn is bad or stuck.
I have had horns that don't get used much get "stuck".
Remove the horn and rap on it with a hammer. I have also had to re-adjust the screw. This changes the sound and should be adjusted so that the horn draws about 5 amps of current.
Good Luck

Behind the drivers info panel usually lurks the problem. The relay typically fails, had 2 go bad on my 84 and 1 on my 88.

1) See if you have +12 volts on the Black horn contact line on the wheel, If you don't the coil on the relay has opened up.

2) If you do have 12 volts there ground that line ( Key on car off) everytime you ground the line you should hear a click behind the drivers info panel.Put a test light on one of the horn lines if the light lights when the line is grounded.. the horns are bad.

There is suppost to be a capacitor from the horn hot line to ground, this acts like a cap in a points set up and keeps the arcing down in the relay contacts. This typically gets removed or falls apart.


horn quit

you can bring dead horns back to life with a little "wake up" tap with a blunt object. The contacts inside get dirty and don't make contact. I've also had to adjust the screw on the back. To do this you should have the horn connected to a 12V supply with an ammeter in series with the horn. Adjust the "tuning" screw until you draw 5 amps. Running the screw in and out will sometimes re-establish the contact inside.
Rusty Diaphram

Remove the horn, if it shakes like a Maraca and brown bits fly out the front, new horn time.

Happy Holidays

When my horn failed to operate,I popped the horn button off to check the contacts.In doing so,I discovered that the'fingers'on the backside of the horn button had bent and weren't making contact with the uh..contacts.(!)I guess the Texas heat had gotten to them.Anyhoo,I bought new buttons and my problem was solved.
BTW,1990 model.Your horn setup may be different.
:) Thanks to all. Got the right horn working, just needed a little urging:bang
Left horn seems to be shot. One day I'll remove it and take a look.
Funny, but I can't remember the last time I got on the horn. Usually I just get out of the way of those crazy drivers. If they're behind me I've got nothing to worry about. :s
when all else fails, there is alway sign language. :SANTA

Don't feel bad...my 92 had no horn at the dealer...get a new horn
Speaking of Horns....

The horn assembly on my 84 is missing some peices.

Has the Horn Button, The flat plastic peice with wire attached behind the horn button and nothing else.

Isn't there suppose to be a spring between the steering wheel nut and the horn button?

Does anyone have a scanned picture or diagram of this assembly.

I'm not sure what I'm missing.

I have the GM manual with exploded view for my 85. Should be the same. send me an e-mail and I'll scan for ya.

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