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How can I become more stealthy


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Dec 7, 2001
Glastonbury Ct USA
Y2k vette, 73 under construction
Now I know that fiberglass does not reflect radar so therefore it goes through to the engine. And, as long as my lights are off they can really use laser against me that well. My question is what do they use to determine my speed. Finally, how can I become more steathy besides buying a Camary (gag)....)
Drive the speed limit?

They won't ever suspect that!
Don't drive a red Corvette...or Blue...or yellow....
White and Black seem to get away with alot more. I've passed many a cop doing 15-20 over the limit (honestly due to just not paying attention...handles so nice sometimes you don't realize how fast you're going) and have yet to be pulled over. I guess they just see a black car...not a Corvette. Though sometimes being stealthy isn't such a great thing...almost been hit several times by people not noticing me being there, don't always get the attention from the hot chicks because its a little more stealthy...etc etc...:eyerole

Of course driving the speed limit usually works the best.

Drive the speed limit thats funny,.
Mine is dark blue but is a convertible. But does anyone know what they reflect off of when they use the laser. Am just curious.

I got a ticket for 79 in a 65 in my knock around (eagle vision). But, it does have a very low drag cofficent and not very much that the officer could have used to reflect back from. No front license plate.

Not that I'm going to do something stupid but am getting ready to pull her out tomorrow. Was just curious if anyone knew what they use.
Here's a good article done by C&D magazine on Radar Detectors, it answered some basic questions about radar and laser use by law enforcement. I found it pretty helpful:Radar Test

I was also reading one time, that if you are educated, you can get out of most Radar tickets, because, as they don't tell you, Radar is very inaccurate in determining vehicle speed. It all depends on air quality, particles, fog, smog, dust...that sort of thing, and how much your car absorbs and relflects, as well as many other factors like how close the gun was, etc.

As for being stealthy? Drive at night only, with no lights :L But seriously, Valentine 1 or Escort Passport 8500, and 20/20 vision is about the only way to increase your stealth points. :L :D

T Jay
Another good way to be stealthy is when you are driving real fast, no one can tell what car you are driving. All they will see is a blur. Is that stealthy enough.
speed limit

...I know, I know...it's HARD to drive the speed limit in a vette!

I commented on driving the speed limit because I work with law enforcement. However, if I WERE to speed...I'd only do it during daylight (visual safety from obstacles, motorists and law enforcement vehicles) and during law enforcement shift change. ;) I know what time my Sheriff's Office Deputies change shift...but I don't know what time the City Police or State Patrol change shifts.

When I worked at the S.O. Jail in WA, I knew all of our law enforcement officers (County, City and State) and they'd mostly just shake a finger at me as they passed if I was 'enjoying' the accelerator in the vette. Here in GA, there are probably 8 times the number of law enforcement officers, and I do not know them all (and they're everywhere!) so I drive the speed limit and content myself with extreme acceleration at times. (not in town)

WA had the best curvy hwy in the Gorge from the town we lived in to the town I shopped in. 15-35mph curves I would take at 60 with no braking needed, just the steady speed. That was the only area I 'sped' in. Here in GA, I do not have a nice road like that. All the curvy roads here have hidden driveways, and trees that block your vision of what is happening ahead of you, so I can not safely drive here, the way I did on the Gorge hwy.

I also do not like to speed in traffic. Too many inattentive drivers. I prefer to take MY OWN TIME getting to where I'm going. I'm on nobody's schedule but my own, and I allow myself plenty of time if I have an appointment. I want to enjoy driving the 78, not be in such a hurry to get somewhere that I miss out on the joy of just driving my vette.
I'm one of those guys with the RED one. Really no way to avoid what has become a heck of a way to bring in the revenue for law enforcement.
Get hold of a good radar unit, Donate heavily to the police departments and above all drive the hell out of her:_rock
Valentine V1 ... about $410 delivered

Remember the FRAM filter commercial? "Pay me now or pay me later." Let me pass on this VERY expensively attained tip: Go ahead and pay Mike Valentine his $400 now ... OR ... pay your agent & courts more than that. After several other brands (both expensive & cheapos), I've had my V1 for about 2 years ... I love it! It's saved my tail many times and ... whenever I had it on I wasn't stopped once. So get a good unit ... and use it! In line with C4EVER ... sport a "support your local whatever" sticker too. www.valentine1.com

Jack is right on. Valentine is tops in my book. I have run their unit for 4 years with one ticket. That was late at night, 2 lane road in the middle of no-freakin-where Indiana. I knew better as I was the only visable car on the road and the sucker hit me with instant-on. I was dead meat. He happily wrote the ticket, had another donut and went back to sleep:hb.
I have a small collection of detectors , includeing one of the Phantom units with a radar scrambler . I never got a ticket with it but I never pushed very hard because the detector alarm very seldom went off . They make big claims but theres really no way to know if the scrambler is working . It has a test button that makes a sound when you push it but to me that just tells you that the the circuit between the button and the buzzer is ok . I don't reccomend this unit . My passport 7500 goes off alot and I usually see a cop when it does .
I am looking at the valentine, but I kind of look at this more as an engineering angle. I completely concur with Sil as that I do not speed, just because I can. More so in the angle of this being a mathematical problem.

I know that my car can do twice the speed limit (easy). Am not inclined to do so. Am definitely looking forward to some track time to earn my 150 club membership but as a father with a big responsibility, am not going to do anything stupid.

They made the super F17 more stealthy than the stock F17 just by redesigning the intakes. What and or how can we make our toys more difficult to track.

Good luck and the agency will disavow any knowledge of this conversation
Laser scrambler

One year ago I got a speeding ticket Via laser as I was on my way back to Ct. from VT. I was driving my STS at the time and had a Bell 980 Radar/Laser det. While the Detector picked up the laser it was to late. From all I can read the Bell 980 is a excellent detector when it comes to Radar in fact I would have had many a ticket if it were not for the 980. I am thinking of buying one for the vette. However I have since purchased an f40 Laser scrambler for the STS two months ago after 6 month of research. The people I have talked to said it has worked for them, and the test reports all say the same . Now that I have it installed I have not seen a Laser site in operation. however summer is coming and they will all be coming out of hybernation soon. I will keep you posted . I think the real threat is Laser and any of the top of the line detectors will defend for radar Bel 980,passport 9800, and the valentine. with plenty of notice to reduce the speed. The real problem I have with speed is not the interstate system but the local Back roads, that is where I encounter most of the radar.
In CT. we have a lot of 25mph posted speed limits, Maybe it's me but I fine it difficult to drive 25mph and in most cases I find 40mph is the norm. and they will ticket you 10mph over the posted speed. Hope this helps.

Ps. I would like to here of anyone's experience with their C5 and Laser.
First lets look at LASER, compared to RADAR energy. RADAR energy is actually radio waves focused and beamed within a relatively narrow height and width instead of radiating in 360 degrees of direction. To track an object, they must be reflected back to the source, the time differance between the originating source and the time it returns from the target indicat direction and speed of the target. They can be absorbed and/or reflected so they don't return to the originating antenna, thus the radar site is defeated. LASER energy is nothing but extremely focused light waves in a very narrow beam. Like RADAR they can be reflected or absorbed. However, since it is light, they usually are reflected, again the time between the emitting and recieving the reflection or return is how direction and speed is obtained. LASER is more difficult to defeat because of the properties of light energy compared to radio wave energy.
The reason the Corvette disappears from RADAR more readily is because of the body, it absorbs more radio energy than it reflects, the LASER on the other hand is reflected.
To truely defeat the LASER, one would have to paint the entire front end with a non-reflective paint that would absorb the light energy. Not particularly appealing. Probably another way would be to have another LASER emmitter mounted on the vehicle that would emit a LASER pulse that would confuse the tracking LASER, but in that case the device may or may not work depending on the angle, and the frequencys of the two LASERS. That's the simplified explanation.
The bottom line is: Drive near the speed limit, or stay in the right lane. I think the left lane hanger really stands out more visually and captures the attention of the police quicker than one that is in the right lane. :nono
If one must go really fast pick your time and place very carefully, (preferably at a track) don't be a danger to the rest of the world. Also, one mis-timed deer jumping out in front of a 160 MPH Corvette will do more to curb your speeding habits than all the RADAR and LASER in the world.
I concur Vette Pilot, hitting anything at or above the speed limit is seriously a really bad career move. I totalled out an 87 by being double tee boned. Turned the C4 into a C3 quicker than you can imagine.

Again, the reason for my posting is chain is not to find ways to speed necessarily, more so the debate on ways that would make us more invisible to both radar and Laser.

Now in your post, I completely understand the idea of painting the car in non reflective or light absorbing material. But even a mirror finish, as long as the angle that the laser hits it does not directly reflect back to the emitter is useless for determining speed.

In the F117 steath fighter, there was no right angles that would reflect back either laser or radar waves back to the emitter. Looking at the C5, this is also the case. My question to this forum is if I was a police officer with either a laser or radar, where would I direct the beam.

I realize that there are jammers and/or scramblers that I could use and the potential for them to become obsolete. But, if the car obsorbes radar and there is very few areas that are at right angles that might reflect radar or laser back to the unit, where are they and could they be corrected.
Hi singledad 9,
It's me the vettepilot, I think that with the RADARs and LASERs the police are aiming at the registration plate on the front of the car. That's about the only flat surface they can see from the front, but it also happens to be very tiny from 1/8th mile away. I think that is the distance most state laws have established as being the minimum acceptable distance that a car must be tracked uninterupted to make the violation stick. I could be way out in left field on that also. Any law enforcement types, or lawers know for sure? Plus, if it's a state like mine, we have no front plate at all.
In my state we are supposed to put a front license plate on. I haven't on the vette, nor on my Eagle Vision. However the original reason for me asking the question was that I was nailed in the Vision for 78 in a 65. My problem was that I was laz'ed and if you are not familiar with the Vision is that it has a very angular front end.

Am curious what did he aim at

That's a good question, I guess he found something to "hit".

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