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How does your Vette like the colder temps. for intake air !?



Today in Northern Illinois, it was 45 degrees. Took Ol BLue out for a run down a country road and she loved the cool intake air. Throttle response was noticable touchier . Seemed to run a bit smoother as i was going thru the gears. Water temp. held right at 160 degrees which is my thermostat setting . This is the weather Drag Racers like.

How does yours perform in colder temps ?

Hi Dave,

We had a nice sunny day over here but only about 50F and I took my car out for a blast around the block. It just loves the nice cool and slightly damp air. There is a noticable difference in how it goes on a day like this.

Eye Candy seems to perfer temps in the mid 50's to 60's. She's always got a ton of power, but at these temps it's like she's on rails. Unfortunatlly, most anytime it's that chilly this time of the year a large amount of rain acompanies it.

When I use to street race and the night was steamy, we would put a couple of baggies filled with ice on the intake. I learned it from the older guys. It worked so well, we started to do it all the time. Eliminating the water passages like some high dollar intakes use the same thinking of removing heat from the incoming fuel/air mixture. I suppose this would really help a car that takes advantage of "ram air." I've got some other ideas on cooling down the engine compartment also, but nothing concrete, yet. Enjoy the weather while you can. :) --Bullitt

Once I get the car started and warmed up the car loves cold air. Colded the air charge the more power you can make. Now for starting the car being cold makes it even more difficult.
The '81 loves the cold air, it's ME that hates it. :cry Thank goodness Indian Summer hasn't ended in the Peoples Republic of MD. Expecting mid 70's end of this week. However........ she does noticeably "creak" a bit more in the cold. Then again.... so do I. Bring back summer. :cool

........... Nut
I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya Keith. I suspect they'll egt you on something; hopefully nothing major. I'll have mine on the road tomorrow and Friday too. Weekends she's always moving. Corvette's are meant to be driven.

........... Nut
cold air cold tires

My Subaru WRX REALLY loves the cold, the vette does as well but not as noticable. It's down in the 30's here at night now, 50-60 during the day.
One pump on that wonderful Holley with no choke and it fires on the first crank. Hold it at 2500 for a minute and take off.
What I have noticed though is to watch those first several accelerations out of the corners....WEEEEEEE.

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