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How is this car counted?


Jan 24, 2002
Wang, Germany
1991 red ZR-1
The 1991 ZR-1 I just purchased was originally ordered, and purchased, at a Belgium Opel dealer. When I look at the codes for the car, it shows EXP (Export), but it does not have the MAE (Market area Europe) code. It also has the GM3 (Rear Axle, 3.45 Ratio) code, and the V73 (Vehicle Statement US/CANADA) code. It does not have the Z49 (Mandatory Canadian Base Equip. Modification) I noticed that 151 ZR-1's were sent to Canada in 1991, but I guess this car would not be counted in Canadian shipments unless the Belgium dealer sourced it through Canada. Are there separate counts for EXP cars?

Wow, I never thought of this before. I will be watching this thread to see if anybody here has the answer.
I thought I would move this into the ZR-1 Forum.. I'm pretty sure the "Boss" & Jay check in here with any new threads :D.. along with our other ZR-1 owners ;)

Like McSpeed I will be watching this thread too.. very interesting


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