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Purchased my 1st vette + question to German C4 owners


Jan 24, 2002
Wang, Germany
1991 red ZR-1
Well I took the "plunge", and I purchased my fist corvette. It is a red 1991 ZR-1, with 31,000km (19,000 miles) My wife and I drove up to take a look at it this weekend. It was a long drive, 1,700km round trip, but it was well worth the drive. I bought the car from the original owner, and he has maintained it perfectly. It looks and drives great! He ordered it new from a Belgium Opel/GM dealer. It took over 2 years to arrive!

My question to German C4 owners is in regards to the German TUV and AU inspection. The car does not have the required rear fog light, so I will have to add one. I do not want to bolt one below the bumper. I was thinking of placing one or two in the rear license area. I also want to hook it into the existing electrical system, such as the front fog light switch. What have other German C4 owners done?

In regards to the AU, the car has an aftermarket exhaust system, so it is louder than stock. How tough is the AU inspection on exhaust noise?

Someone from Germany listen up!

There's a question here for y'all. ;)

_ken :w
a_scott_h said:
RAUSE..RAUSE......... ......RAAUUSE........

I looked, but can't find a translation so, I'll bite - what does it mean? Is it a local dialect or something? :confused

_ken :w
german wake up call

think of ----Hogan's Hero's------lol
Sorry can't help you. I'm in the US military so I don't have to comply with TUV or AU.

Good luck getting it passed!

In Germany the AU inspection is every year. This is just the pollution check
TUV is every two years and covers all the mechanical, suspension, steering, and safety brakes, hand brake, lights.

I don't know about a required fog. I didn't have to put one on my 1970 C3. But maybe it has to do with the age of car.

My suggestion is to take it to the friendly local TUV and have them check it. They'll tell you what you have to fix or change to make the car conform to German road stardards.

I don't think any changes are necessary as the car comes from Belgium.

Does the car have German license plates? If it doesn't and if you understand German check this site http://www.berlin.de/LEA/kfz/kraftfah.html. Lots of information on how to register your car in Germany.

Nice choice of ride!
Can't help you, up here we don't have smog tests nor rear fog lights...
Wang? Really?
Ken said:
I looked, but can't find a translation so, I'll bite - what does it mean? Is it a local dialect or something? :confused

_ken :w

I think rause means, OUT, MOVE, or GET. My Dad used to use it in this context talking to the dog. RAUSE HUNT! In other words, GTF outa here! :L Shouldn't really matter that I'm IRISH should it ;LOL

Sounds like a great car man :_rock Why would the guy go to all the trouble and wait to get it, then never drive it and turn around and sell it? I bet it cost you dearly ;)
Neu Corvette

Congratulations on the best purchase you've ever made!!

I did finally get the car through the TUV and AU. I did not need to add a rear fog light, but I did have to pay extra for the non-stock exhaust.

I have only been averaging 3000 to 4000 km per season, so the mileage now sits at 40,000km. We just drove it down to the Monaco historic races in May. It was a nice trip, and we were able to drive around the F1 track. We stopped in front of the Ferrrari pit and got several pictures of the Z with the pits in the background. On the trip back the clutch started making noises, and it appears that the pilot bushing needs replacing.

I will be going to NYC in August for the SHARE computer conference, so I may buy the LT-5 clutch kit while I am there.

Nice choice of ride!
Can't help you, up here we don't have smog tests nor rear fog lights...
Wang? Really?
Wang is a small village north of the Munich airport. It is pronounced something like vong in German.
Personally, the car seems "high" caliber so I would REMOVE the orginal bumper and put on a aftermarket one painted to match (you can't tell the difference) Then go ahead and cut the Fog light into the bumper. Just don't hack up the original!!

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