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Anyone Running Nitto 555-G2's?


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May 1, 2002
Dayton, Ohio
'95 LT1 Coupe, Comp Yell; C6 Roadster, Vel Yell
A few months ago I got rid of the high mileage Khumo ECSTA's and shoed my '95 with the Nitto's. Love the looks, stickiness of the rubber, and smoothness on super smooth roadways, but now sounds like pieces are falling off of the rear end on all but perfect asphalt. Seems to be most noticeable when rear tires go over expansion joints on secondary road asphalt. Almost as if I have 60 psi in the rear tires, but I run them at recommended 30 psi cold. I thought the Khumo's were maybe hard but I don't remember rear end noise with those. When I search the internet for others with this problem I run across many Mustangs owners who rave about these tires, but I believe the Mustang has a more compliant suspension than the C4. The noise is driving me nuts. I have a lift and have gone over every possible "noise maker" under the rear end, including shocks, emergency brake cables, spare tire, exhaust system, you name it. Replaced sway bar end links and this decreased noise maybe 25%. Already had new shocks. Anyone else experience this with your C4? I'm about ready to hang on a set of Corsa Extremes to drown out the noise. :)
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