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How to determine body shim needs



After months of building a crane etc. I finally lifted the body off alone. I tried to pay attention to the body shims but they were just a rusted blob if they were there at all. The rear mounts were missing altogether. The frame is very poor and will likely need to be replaced. How do I determine how many shims are needed in each location as it seems impossible to measure?

Photos available on request unless I figure out how to get them in a message.



It would be great if you could post pics of the frame off because I will be doing one in about another year, at least I hope to get started. They would be great for reference.

To post a pic, when your replying to a post at the bottom you'll see "attach file" and a button that says "browse". When you click on "browse" a screen will pop up so that you can search your hardrive for the pic you want to post. Once its done and you finish typing your message just click "submit reply" and a link should pop up so that we can view it.

I still don't know how to get them to show up on the actual forum, I think the moderators are the only ones with that privelige.


I will retake them as the forum only allows 65k per photo. I took them all in hi res previously. Stay tuned.

I have found some of the answers to my questions. I searched previous threads and once again 69myway offered some information.

If I understand it correctly, the shims are mostly for door gaps etc and trial and error is really the only way. I thought about putting some putty in each location and then lowering the body onto it and then measuring the thickness but I am unsure of the compression factor to include in the bushings.


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Same experience. Pulled the body and did keep track of the shims. But when I went to put it all back together I found it easier AND got better results by just tweaking on the body. I put in and took out shims as I thought necessary. My thinking before I started was that it would be a big PITA but it turned out to be rather easy. When the doors lined up and every think looked straight the bolts got tightened. Took an hour or two.


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