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How To Navigate the World of GM Incentives When Buying a New Corvette


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Trying to navigate the world of GM incentives when it comes to buying a new Corvette can be a bit of a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.

Last week, we published an article here entitled "Chevrolet Rolls Out Largest Discounts of the Year on 2019 Corvettes". Some readers who had purchased a 2019 Corvette prior to this month responded back to us expressing their feelings of getting cheated out of additional savings.

This tends to be a common issue with some customers who feel they should receive any additional discounts from the current month, on a Corvette they purchased last month or before. As a result, we decided to put together some information on how GM incentives work and how they relate to purchasing a new Corvette.
Below is one of the responses we received which I'd like to address here:

"I just purchased a 2019 Corvette, I was not allowed any discounts, even though I have owned nothing but GM vehicles since 1963, and I have owned three prior Corvettes including a 1967, a 1988, and , a 2008, now a 2019. I ordered my first new car in 1965, a Malibu, I've been ordering my card and tricksters since. I think that makes me a pretty loyal GM customer and a solid previous Corvette owner.
I currently own three GM vehicles, a 2004 Silverado, a 2017 GMC Canyon, and my 2019 Corvette, yet my dealer did not consider me to [be] qualified as a loyal GM customer or a Corvette owner, or anything else that would have qualified me for a discount on my new Corvette. I paid near full sticker price. Then after the deal is done and I have been delivered the car, you have the nerve to offer a discount if I purchase another 2019 Corvette.

This is not the first time I've been denied these discounts when buying a new GM vehicle and it's not the first time that after the fact I'm offered these discounts if I buy again, yet you never offer to provide the discounts on the vehicle I just bought. (That would have to be in the form of a refund at this point). You know, it's amazing I keep buying GM the way you treat me, but I'm die hard GM , I tell everybody i know that GM are the best vehicles. So, thanks for the offer but you're too late, I've already bought my new Corvette. If you really cared about me as a lifelong customer you'd give me a refund for year end closeout pricing on my new Corvette and for being a very loyal lifetime customer.

I bought it in August, [and] it was too late [to] order one and this all started for me because I was investigating the 2020 C8. I decided I'd prefer the front engine car..."

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