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hpp shift points



hi there

am just wanna know what is the best hpp shift points and firme for my 98 c5 ( A4)

please help
I used 100% firmness and went the max on each mph for each gear. I'm asuming you are using the Hypertech programmer. I like it just fine that way.
I am wondering why you would change shift points ? In drive mine changes gears right at 6000 rpm's . I do not think you would want that to be any higher ? I can't complain about the firmness , if I do a full throttle to second it will chirp the tires , or if I kick it down to first at 25mph it will break them loose .
What else have you done with HPP3 ?
I changed the firmness to 100% and the fan comes on at 190 instead of 224 degrees. By changing the miles per hour that the tranny shifts is not at full throttle but only partial throttle.
Not correct

The HPP3 ONLY works at full throttle. It adjust the tranny at partial throttle only due to changes in gear ratio or tire size. It WILL affect full throttle shifting. It raises the RPM in which the car shifts.

Can You change the top speed limiter with the Hpp3 , what is the top speed with the limiter in stock form ?

You can change the top speed limiter from I believe 185 to 255. Not that most of our cars will ever see that high of a speed tho

What is top speed with no mods done , stock ?
Not sure

Im not sure exactly what the top speed is stock, since i never tried it while the car was stock. The highest i have seen on mine is 172. It prolly had a couple more mph in it, but i ran out of safe road distance, and that was with the current mods of HPP3, MTI ram air, and 160 thermostat. Everything else was stock. That is also an A4, 2.73 gear. I would imagine the 3.15 auto or the 3.42 stick would be a few mph faster.


That top speed was also in 3rd gear, never will hit 4th unless you let off

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