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Hypertech Stage II Powerchips: Good or Bad?

Feb 26, 2001
10 miles south of Detroit, MI
Sold my '89 Triple Black Convertible - 3/08
I was thinking of buying a Hypertech Stage II Powerchip for my '89 roadster. They supposedly do not put any extra wear and tear on the engine, but I'm not totally convinced. Any opinions either way?

Also, Hypertech claims that as an added feature, the chip reprograms the 'torque converter lock-up', delaying the lock-up until high gear which is supposed to "significantly improve drivability". Can anyone explain to me what the torque converter lock up is and if the chip does benefit it in any way?

Thanks for any help you can offer!
under wide open throttle there might be a small improvement in performance from the chip. Nothing significant. Anything that improves HP, increases combustion chamber pressures, therefore the engine incurs additional wear and tear..no free lunches.. an engine that makes 200 HP works harder than a engine that makes 150 HP under full throttle.
The delay of the torque converter lock-up allows the transmission to slip for a longer time, which acts like slipping clutch to aid in acceleration. Would hurt fuel economy some, but does allow faster acceleration
I had a stage II Hypertech in my car. Never really noticed a difference because my trans was built anyway. With a 160 thermostat, the engine will run considerably cooler though.
the water temp is OK at 160 but the oil needs to get to 200 to lubricate properly
Waste of money, don't bother. Until you have substantial modifications you can't beat the stock chip. If you want a different fan temp, get a fan switch and a 180 stat. I had the Hypertech Stage II with a 160 stat and my oil temp (I have a cooler) was 163 in cool weather. That temp is too low in my opinion and I put in the fan switch and 180 stat. Oil temps are now more reasonable.

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