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I blew it!!!


72 Bluz

Was fixing a connection on my alternator - put it back on and touched wires and blew something. Now - no power no nothing. Hoping I blew a fuse, but don't know where to look other than the fuse block. HELP!

If I'm near the alternator or starter, I completely disconnect the battery. If I'm working on other parts of the electrical system, I disconnect the negative battery cable. Hopefully its just a fuse!


I'm sure someone will come along shortly to tell you exactly what you did, but what have you checked so far?
There maybe a fusable link invovled, is the battery okay.

I would think it would have to be one or the 3 thing's

fusable link

I doubt it but the altenator maybe be shot now too.

Hopefully it is just a fuse and you'll be up and running before you read this.

Do you have an internal or external voltage regulator? If external, check it out and see if you fried it.

Also, you may have popped the fusable link down at the starter that feeds back to everything else.

Start by checking the power at the battery, then go to the starter and see if you have any, then trace just out from the starter about 7" on the 10 gauge or so wire that feeds up to the charging system. If you have no power from there to the alternator, you blew a fusible link.
Thanks for the input, guys. The battery is brand new. I found one fuse above the fenderwell, but it doesn't appear to be blown. Have no idea what type of voltage regulator I have or where it is. Will go look now around the starter for a fusible link.

#$^&@%^! This is really ruining my weekend. Had planned to go to the racetrack tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure you don't have an external regulator, if you do it's on the driver's side inner fender . I think 68 was the last year with the external. I'm going to my brother's later to check his 69
Just checked my brother's and proved that I don't know what the hell I'm talking about, as his is external too.

Your's still might not be.

Hope you get her fixed for you trip to the track!!


Battery is fine, have power to the starter, no power at the alternator. After checking the battery, turned the key and she started right up. Let her run for about 4-5 minutes. Was going to back her out and as soon as I hit the brake to put in R, she died. Going to go ahead and pull the starter and get it tested before the auto parts store closes today - probably pick up a few fuseable links while I'm there. Don't understand why she cranked, though and now won't crank again.

Ain't life fun.

I would not go to the starter just yet. The shotgun approach is expensive.
What do you mean, ..."you put it back on and 'touched wires'. Where was the spark and what exactly do you think you did to arc it? Did you mess with the battery leads? Are you positive you have checked for a good ground and positive connections.


I touched the two wires together that connect to the top of the alt, one is brown and the other is black with a white stripe. That's when my problem began. Now I can't get thepin thing out of the bottom of the alt out to remove it.
Whippin out the book...

Stand by

You need to test the following

is there 12volts on the back of the ALT

Big red wire?


larger red wire that screws into the back side of the alt.
Large red wire

I didn't have power to it - does it run to the starter? Bet Chris is right - blew a link somewhere between the alt and starter. Aren't red and pink wires suppose to be hot?

Do you have AIM?

Or Yahoo?

There is a BIG link from the starter stud into the harness... which goes to the horn relay then the ALT. Check the horn relay socket first!



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