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I did it, I did it, it works, it works!/Wipers


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Thanks to all that went way out of their way to dig up info for me to make this thing a go. As of 10 minutes ago I just witnessed the complete 1982 Wiper delay system up and running in the 69!


I don't have the windshield in yet, or the arms hooked up, but I could watch the output arm on the motor spin, stop, park, delay, fast, slow etc.

I ended up mounting the delay module up in the dash area under where you would normally find a speaker on a newer model. That made the wire running much shorter and easier to connect. I bought a compact aftermarket washer bottle and pump and mounted in on the driver firewall against the cowl in the extreme corner. I hid the harness behind the wiper motor so you can't tell where it is getting the power from.

Total cost

Rebuilt Wiper Motor (Autozone) $50
1982 Wiper switch (NAPA) $30
Wire harness pig tails cut from a 1982 (Lloyd's Corvette) $25
Pulse Delay module 82 Vette (Chevy Dealer) $212
Misc extra wires, JB weld, etc. $10
The help from my CACC community PRICELESS!:upthumbs

It is sooooooooooooooooo awesome to see this finally work.

Okay, I am going to spend a few hours on the automatic wiper door solenoid before I move on to building the doors and getting the power window/lock assembly going. After that, I move on to mounting the puter and hooking up the kick up for the fans, MSD, etc.

Automatic electric wiper door

Okay, the normally closed relay did the trick on activating the wiper door motor. It works beautiful. What I did was jumper off the feed that goes to the wiper motor to use as a signal to tell the module if the wipers are on or off. When on, the 12+ signal breaks a normally closed relay that has been flowing current to keep the wiper door closed. This is key on power. The wiper door has limit switches built in so it shuts off at either end. Anyway, the motor on signal breaks the 12+ that was going to the down side of the module and then jumpers off from there and excites the up side of the module. Botta Boom Botta Bang, the door goes up.

Now, I am betting on the wiper door being just fast enough to beat the wipers out of the hole. If it won't work, I will drill a hole back in the firewall where the original one went and re-install the ground switch. In other words, the door will have to be up for the wipers to run.

The problem is now obvious to those of you following along. During delay mode, the door is trying to come closed. I need to figure out a way to keep the door in up position excited during the entire time it is in delay mode. This may require another relay.

I am going to worry about it later. Feel free to jump in if any of you have any ideas.

Thanks again,


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