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I heard C2s can fly



I heard C2s can fly and now I have found proof.:eek :eek :eek :eek :eek
That's a U-F-Oh My!! :L

OK, is that computer graphics hard at work, or is that "real"?

Barb :w
Needs a big block to weight the nose down! :L


Keep those pics coming Billagroom, I love 'em.

Me too... I really enjoy the pictures, I even make my husband get off his computer and come look!:D I :love the 63 split window coupe!:W:
Flying C-2s

Well, my 427 '66 gets light in the front end around 110-115mph like it wants to fly, but the aerodynamics and propulsion systems seem to be at cross purposes, so I can fly only for short distances before gravity reels me in again. Heh heh!

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