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I *knew* this would happen:(


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Jul 25, 2001
2008 Silver Coupe
I knew it,Iknew it,I knew it.
It's happened before so I developed a system.

My system failed.

Since I tend to forget which part or nut or bolt etc. came from,I label them and put the items in a plastic compartment box,so each item has its own place and the compartment is labeled.
It's worked great for me for a long,long time.

I have a bracket and I have no idea where it goes.I took too much time between disassembly and reassembly.

I marked it 'A/C bracket'

It is a piece about 10 inches long with a slight angle on one end and a cutaway at the other end.At least I know the cutaway end is going to mount very close to something that is in the way.

The factory manual *just doesn't have enough illustration*on this particular job.

Uh,I may be putting out a help call for a D/FW area 1990 L-98 owner so I can look under their hood and see what I goofed up.

BTW,This is the water pump replacement job I started and ran out of time before I could finish.My hoses STILL haven't arrived at the dealer,but I figure at least I could start putting it back together. Yeesh.

I would still DIY than let someone else do it.
What a bummer!

Sounds like it was a great system. Maybe you'd want to back that up with photos to refer to? A digital camera would come in handy.
I got it.It went from the main bracket to the left front lower ac bolt.I was brain dead for a while there but it came back to me.
The camera is a great idea,and as I was wondering where the hell that part went it occurred to me that I could take pics and solve all this puzzlement once and for all.Even better its a digital camcorder.I could just make a video of myself doing Vette repair.(no autographs,please)

I even have the tripod.I can't wait to try this out on my next big project.(No,really.I *can*wait)
BTW,to the person who suggested I remove the wheel well skirt to access the lower A/C bolts,I owe you a few beers.Great tip.Thank you!!:)
All that's left is to wait for the parts store to open(20 minutes)and get a thermostat gasket.

I still don't have the hoses,so I will have to install them when they finally arrive.So really,THAT is all thats left.I'm drivin until they come in though.
Glad to hear you have it fixed. I have that problem happen before. It's bad enough when you have a couple extra nuts and bolts.......not to mention extra brackets :eek

My digital camera comes in very handy:)

I have it back together and running.

In a post on the board,there was mention of the frisbee,which turns out to be the water pump vibration damper.I did not put mine back on.I want to see if I notice any change.

G-Tech time!!!

I'm kinda nervous about leaving it off for very long.If GM designed it to be there,they must have a good reason.

Whaddya think?

rdgfx3. Here is a quote from another forum I visit, in regard to
the frisbee.

From Gordon Kilabrew. Frisbee was installed to dampen out
the vibration from the a/c cycling on and off. It was later
found that it caused the belt to chirp, (slip) and so
eventually GM omitted it. He said it could be removed and would
not cause any problems. Hope this helps you a little in making
your decision. I have removed mine from my 88 a while back, and
have not seen any ill effects.
Re: frisbee????

nyernga said:
ok, I'm curious now..........WHAT FRISBEE????????????? And where is it located? :confused

Len, check this out, I asked the same thing: frisbee?? ;)


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