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I need a good corvette mechanic


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Aug 30, 2007
1981 White Coupe
Any body know of any good corvette shop's in Jacksonville, FL. I have a front seal leaking in my rearend that needs to be fixed.


P. Martin
There are some vette shops in JAX, but honestly, I've gone back to doing all my own work. I just really haven't been happy with the work they've done. The pinon seal in your car shouldn't be that hard to do, most shops should be able to handle it. Assuming nothing else would be changed, i.e. bearings, preload shims and the like, it should be as simple as dropping the drive shaft, removing the yoke, then pulling the old seal. Coat the new seal with lube, put it in (the right way) and seat it, install the yoke, washer and new nut. Torque it to 200-220 ft. lbs. Replace the drive shaft. I'd suggest checking your u-joints, this would be a good time to replace them if necessary. The parts list should be short. One seal, one nut.

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