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i need help



my steering column is locking up on me? when i turn on my car the car starts and everything comes on then it says "corvette by chevy" then that goes away then it says "service column locked" and i cant turn the wheel but i can shift into gear so i pulled in forward in my driveway a bite and it shiut off. then if i wait it will say " pull key wait 10 seconds" what does this mean im blonde and all but WTH is this and why cant i drive my car :confused my vette site
Welcome To The Corvette Action Center C5 Chick!

C5_CHICK said:
im blonde and all...

:L Boy, you sure open yourself right up, eh Chick? :L

I thought at first that you were another member we have that uses "Chick" in her handle -- Denise ("vettechick", her site is vettechick.com, check it out, she's supposed to be real good with a wrench, and knows what she's talking about.

Paul (c4c5specialist) is also a member of our community, and when he sees your post, I'm sure he'll respond right away.

I'm sorry that I can't help you but I'm just a lowly C4 owner. ;)

I hope you enjoy it here. :upthumbs
thanks guys they are taking it in moday... THEY GAVE ME A MUSTANG ahhhhhhhh help me lol :(

it was so sad when i tried to pull out at the dealer i was cring they could have gave me my old on back at least i bought 3 from them now its parked next to my vette WHAT A DISgrace. and i would not be sad to have a C4 they all are nice but i really miss my 74 she was a head turner... im gonna have to get another old one ;) look what they gave me its a 4 cly. lol even though my vettes not running it still beats it
have you seen the squirrel :)

look for him on my site :) [URL=http://hotvettes.tripod.com/janeshotvettes/:eyerole
Hi C-5_Chick and welcome to the forum. :) I think I have seen
you on another forum. It could be worse than driving a mustang,
you could be driving a volkswagen beetle, like one of the
members of the other forum that said he feels like a wienie,,
remember him? He posted a picture of himself in the beetle, wearing a helmet. :L Hope you get your beauty back soon. :)

they took it today

hello patti ty. i found out more info here then i did from the dealer they had no idae about it i filled them in lol . :) well they came this morning with the flatbed so they had to line it up just right (cause the wheels dont turn) so he dropped the back of the truck 2 inches from my car :( . my eyes lite up wide . so wasnt lined up so had to do it again..... then he jumps in it and starts it up and starts backing it up on the truck.. and i kept shutting off ( i guess that service thing is something to do with the security system?) wel so it was up and back on the truck i was almost cring.... well he got it pretty far back on the truck WHEN (the car is so low) the frontend dug into the gravel i ran into the house i didnt want to see anymore.. :mad
Hi there, and welcome

HI there,
Sorry so late, anyway, another thing that you can try is to cycle the ignition key to on, and back to off, while moving the steering wheel up and down.
What this does is shock the contacts within the feedback circuit, and hopefully, just simply unlock the column.
I know your car is already gone, however, this is such a common issue with c5, that every owner should know how to do this, just so you dont get stranded out on the road, and have to get it towed.
I hope that all is well, and there is NOTHING in the world worse, than driving a Ford.
Best to you, c4c5

hopefully they get it fixed right the first time but ill keep that in mind ... hope they look at thoses scratches i will be peed off lol :(

nice mug shot in perviously owned vechiles :)

i can see hitting a moveable object such as a car or bike(or even a pedestrian if you were real drunk) But an immovable object like a telephone pole come on dude do you know how to drive??
this comes from my little brother who once out ran 4 cops in high speed patrol after him and he was in a chevette lol in lost them for a little awhile lol he was pretty shnit faced at the time too he is still paying for it lol :) you did hit a pole didn't you sure does look it
oh thought id pass this on

was talking to someone they said if that happens (steering locks) turn key on and off while moving steering wheel up and down simutanously (lol) a blonde thing. and that will disengage the steering column :t

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