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I sure hope Chevy Learns from the T-Bird for the C6


Black Ice

I really like the interior of the T-Bird. It has a much higher quality feel then the C5. The seats look and feel more expensive and are much more rigid then the crap in C5. I was suprised how C5 ish the T-Bird felt inside in size. The only thing Ford could have done better is the cluster. The rest of the interior is far better then C5. I can only hope the C6 sheds that cheap rubber painted plastic, and flimsy seats.
I don't have a C5, but have taken looks at the interior and perfectly understand your disappointment. The interior really does look like cheap toy plastic. You'd expect more than that for $50,000!
I guess we will see what GM does. I don't mind the interior, I think it is still more confortable than most cars.
Let's just hope that the C6 DOESN'T take certain cues from the T-Bird. My best friend works at the Ford Wixom plant which produces the Thunderbirds. They've been having so many problems with them that you wouldn't believe it.

The main problems involved water leakage. (When it rained, the car doubled as a bath tub.)

Then, soon after that, a Ford Executive took one out for a test drive and they ended up having to call a tow truck after he got a few miles away!

T-Bird ? It looks to me like they retroed a Falcon !
I always thought they should bring back the Pinto.
It always was the best BANG for the buck.

Then, soon after that, a Ford Executive took one out for a test drive and they ended up having to call a tow truck after he got a few miles away!

What did he expect? I'm surprised it made it that far!

The C6 needs:

-Wipers that converge in the center

-Fuel filler door on top of rear deck

-A throaty exhaust (stock)

-None of the problems the C5 has

C V Man
(Had 2 Pintos and was pleased with both)
I hope they do to the Pinto was a good car. Much better then that piece of crap Vega. Ford is still out doing GM in the small car market, the Focus is a much better care then a Cavalier. Count on it.
c3 look

who cares about the seats .but gm really should learn from ford.ford also took a old stylish look on the thunderbird and so should the corvette.the best thing a c3 look a like.this would be really great

Learn from Ford?

I too think they should learn from Ford, that way my C5 will still be in style for the next 5 years. I was in 3 of the 5 plants they are closing, good people, but they suffer from the same things GM does, bottom line management. Hummm, 35,000 people to be thrown out, must be the great cars they build, or could it be the planning. My boss is a dyed in the wool Ford man, now driving a Chevy street rod, he's learning.
The body style is really not at issue in this thread. The interior of the T Bird is made of higher quality components and has the look of a more expensive car. The C5 interior has the look of a 30K car far from its 50K price tag. It Looks and feels CHEAP. Lets hope GM fixes this next time around.

They give you so much for the money, I guess they have to comprimise somewhere;)

I'd say the layoffs are for the management to retain their bonuses and high salary more than anything else.
You really think a $52K Corvette Vert is a lot for the money?? Take a look at the DeVille DTS inside and out. There is no way the Corvette costs more to produce then that car. The North Star is a much more expensive motor. The Corvette is 90% mark up and profit for GM.

I doubt that it even costs $25,000 to put a brand new Corvette together. I mean parts, labor and all. Even under the hood, there are a lot of cheap plastic parts!
You're right, it don't cost $25,000 to put one together, Ice already told you it only cost $5,200, the other 90% is mark up and profit.

By the way, my Seville SLS, a class or 2 above the DeVille, has lots of plastic under the hood also. Not a lot different than what my C5 has. It's hard to pick the one I want to drive, both are so near the same comfort level on the road, now getting in and out is another story, along with the fun factor.

Just for kicks I went down to the local Ford dealer this afternoon and sat in a red Thunderbird that has a light brown leather and plastic interior. Smells good, feels alright, but just don't make the grade for being better than the car I got out of. I still like the car as a whole, I think they did a fine job. It will sell and will become very popular if present buying trends holds a little longer.

One thing is for sure, we won't lose many Corvette Club members to the Thunderbird, if any.
The DeVille DTS has so much more content then a Corvette it isn't funny, for almost the same price as a loaded C5 Vert. All Im saying is it sure would be nice to have that higher quality leather and materials in the next C6. Even the Buick SUV has better leather then a C5. Chevrolets choice of "bargain basement" materials is a disgrace in a 50+K car of any kind.
Cheap thin skinned cows.

You missed my whole point, the car I drove down to the Ford dealer was the C5. They had a good time ribbing me about "You're not going to trade that in, are you?" and we compared the seats. The out come was, "they must be made by the same supplier", which is a good probability since there are only a few seat manufactures in the states. They remarked that they thought the seats (car) looked new and was surprised it was 4 ½ years old with 30,000 plus miles. Had to take one of the salesmen for a test ride, his only comment was, “love the pipes”, he never mentioned the cheap interior.

I would guess that the bolster wear may have influenced your perception of the materials and the fact that the problem was fixed by the use of vinyl.
One time me and a co-worker got this idea to go down to this Ford dealership that also deals Porsche and see if we could test drive a nice Porsche. We figured that we couldn't even get in the door because our job calls for us to wear crappy clothes, etc...

I say we boycott all Corvettes until they drop the price down to $5,200. Is anyone with me on this one?:nono
The Seats in a C5 are 2/3 vinyl. A 50K car with vinyl seats?? I dont think so. Lets see lets just spend a little more money on thicker better leather that wouldn't wear holes through it. OOOh OOh thats right it would improve the look and feel of the interior but eat into GMs profits by about $200.00 per unit. FORGET THAT let them sit on VINYL says the general.
It would be awesome to buy a new VETTE for only $5200, I know that I would, maybe two or three, one of each model. You have to remember that with a price of approx. $50,000, you can not fine anything better in the world. Show me an American car that looks better and and is faster for the money. Doesn't happen. I like the interior of the car, it would not bother me to have to drive one around all of the time. Think of how lucky you are just to have one, I know that I would feel lucky to have one. It is weird to see everyone complain about something that you love so much. Be proud that we are free and have the opportunity to drive such an awesome machine. If all of you are so dissatisfied you can give me you cars, ill take them all and care for them the way they are supposed to be cared for.


You can have my C5, (yeah right), all you have to do is work for it like I did, cash will do. By the way, my first Corvette cost me $3683 new in 1957. Do I feel lucky to drive the C5? No, it was hard work and years of it to get to where I am.

I spent my time in the Army and know what it's like to have the freedom to own what I want. My best guess is that if you were given a C5 it wouldn't get as good care as I give my cars, if that's what you were implying. You'll have your car, it just takes time, good luck and go for it.

Welcome to CACC.

Actually Ice, there is less than 20%, not 66% vinyl, alot of leather seats have vinyl or cloth sides. If you really want to know I'll go back to the Ford dealer and mike the leather thickness on the Thunderbird and my C5. I don't think the Bird is going any where soon. I see they still have the top down this morning, darn thing looks great.

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