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I sure hope Chevy Learns from the T-Bird for the C6


These past few winters have been on the average not too bad. But there have been instances where I had the rear defog and heater on; the little battery warning came on. Seems that both sides of the hatch were frozen and just wouldn't become unfrozen until warmer weather. I've had the locks freeze on me, doors freeze on me.

Plus, we're known as the "Windy City" so our temperatures with the wind chill during the winter routinely get down to 10-15 degree's. Then you factor in the snow, ugh.

I'm sure some of the other Chicago area land members can definitely tell some stories of their own.
If you really want to shed the weight, can't you go to a hand welded/Hydraulicly Tubed Aluminum frame? Then go to a Carbon Fiber body!

Imagine that on a all aluminum engine with the Z06 Exhaust with Magnesium wheels...

Scrap the buckets go with Corbeau or Sparco..

(Leave the radio Cmon now LOL)

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