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I want to beefup my driveline. Need suggestions.



A few months ago, i went with new Alum. Heads, Intake , and Carb. Ive pushed the factory h.p . of 390 up to 540 h.p now (according to Edelbrock charts). Torque has gone from 500 factory , to 540 plus). I have the factory M 21 and 370 rear. Where do u think my weakest link is in the driveline now ?? My g uess is the driveshaft , half shafts, and u joints.
Does anyone have suggestions for going with heavy duty (far better than factory) components ?? I dont take the car to the drag races, but i sure do enjoy jumping on it from time to time on country roads.


Man, that thing must scream, I'm envious.:)
I also endeavored to prevent spewing metal whendoing enthusiatic launches.
1)If you haven't replaced your differential cover with an aftermarket "unbreakable" one do so immediately. If you really want protection Strange Engineering appartly makes an even stronger one.
2)Make sure you have u-joints without the zerk fittings. These weaken the joint.
3)The smaller diameter half shafts (I know this is counter intuitive)
are stronger then the larger ones.
4)Not sure what year you have but with my 78 I purchased differential crossmember bushing reinforcements from Vette Brakes.
5)Replace your transmission mount bushing with a poly version.
6)A stiff rear spring will also help by keeping things more in alignment when you unleash that monster.

The M-21 is pretty bulletproof, I understand it can handle 600 plus lbs of torque.
You may have already seen this on corvetteforum.com, but it seems to have alot of interesting information in it regarding the suspension, braking & driveline.

Vette Improvement Program by John Greenwood-


I get to the Libertyville area on a pretty regular basis, so maybe I'll see you around, SwaveDave (do you drive your Vette on the street or is it track only?).

BB454, The car is for street use only ; on the weekends and on nights for my 'mental therapy' when ive had a tough day at work ! My car is also blue and close to a LeMans blue, but not quite. It was difficult getting the exact color paint, but my paintman did some experimenting and came up with the exact potion. Would like to see your automotive machine sometime - email me with some weekend dates you will be in the area and perhaps we can hook up : Fast1970Vette@webtv.net

Thanks, Dave
Hey Dave, next time I'm planning on driving her over your way, I'll give you a shout, I'd like to check out your beauty too!

My baby need a paint job and I'm going to try to keep her the same, I get alot of compliments on the color. Can I ask who your painter is if he'd be willing to give me an estimate?

Also, I just got a GTech meter & am looking for somewhere to run a (safe) quarter mile - any ideas?

Barb :w

My Painters name is Vic and his phone number is 847-949-1370. He lives in Mundelein too. He is a retired Body Man for a Buick dealership. He is very good on matching up the color, and i think he is sort of meticulous when it comes to painting. He is very reasonable and he does the work in his garage. He lives right on Route 176 so he is easy to find.
When i want to blow out some carbon from the engine :) , i usually go down Gilmer Road which is west of Mundelein on the way to Wauconda ; you can get it right off of Route 176. Not much traffic at all and out in the country. Very good place to open her up. Ill be visiting Gilmer Road tonight with the nice weather it is.

Give me a holler on email when you want to exchange druel over one anothers cars !!

Thanks for the info - I know that area well, I live near Fox River Grove & I used to work in Vernon Hills, so I would take "the scenic route" and Gilmer was part of that...

I'll look you up soon!
Barb :w

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