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idles to low


Scott E

HI,Ive got a 92' coupe, LT1 engine,last friday the car ran perfect as it has since I bought it 3 months ago.After work friday,it would barely idle,and if I turn on the A/C it will die.Ive tried adding different gas,added octane booster,checked for vacuum leaks,but have not pinpointed my problem yet,it still runs good down the highway,like it always has,but it idles to low,have to hold slight pressure against the accellerator to make it idle smooth and not die,especially if A/C is on.Any help would be greatly appreciated,Thanks
Try cleaning the throttle body and injectors, then set the IAC and TPS.
I also had the same problem after removing the TB and cleaning it up and adjusting the IAC and TP Position sensor it know runs like a new vette. With the help of the folks here it was a real easy sat afternoon project.

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