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I'm embarrassed to ask, but...


72 Bluz

I can't identify what type of mufflers are on my car. Haven't seen any name or brand visible. Where can I look to determine this?

Hey this is a really good question. I'm not sure I can help, but here goes..

If it is a GM replacement or NOS there should be a number stamped on the muffler, I think it is usually on either end of the thing. That would be the GM part #. My Flowmasters have "Flowmaster" raised lettering. There are so many different types of mufflers out there. There are the round ones.. "Cherry Bomb" , there are Thrush and the list goes on and on.

If you have a local Muffler shop, a quick trip to their shop and one of the "Old Timers" look at it might be the fastest, bestest way to figure it out.

If there is a # on either end of the Muffler a trip to the local Chevrolet Dealers Parts man might shed some light.

Good Luck and PLEASE let us know HOW you find out what you're running for Mufflers. I for one am curious.. ;)
Thanks, Bud

The Mrs. is going on a trail ride tonight, so I should have time to crawl around and get down and dirty. Xena likes that, you know. :D They look stock to me, but I'm sure they are not. Probably a Midas special. Sounds good now, wonder what Flowmaster 40's would sound like?
Check out Ravin mufflers! They are sold at midas, but they are performance mufflers. They have a 33 series which is supposedly better cfm than the flowmaster 40's. They do sound better than the 40's though, and that is a hard muffler to beat.

I think midas have little dimond shapes stamped into the casing and I know the mufflers i have have the word 'Turbo' stamped into the outer shell and they came from a replacement kit from Mid-Amer? Hope I helped if at all. :s
What I found

Found a raised "I" on each end. It was about an inch tall. Could have been a roman numeral 1. Felt around the muffler for any numbers or logo, that's all I could find.

That 'I' just means 'Inlet' and is the direction of the flow of the exhaust. It shows the machanic which way to mount the muffler.

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