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Impressive Callaway


Stan A

I have recently run into a 1988 Callaway Twin Turbo convertible which is worth all our attention at this time. The mileage is around 8k. It is fully original which includes the tires. Has service records! It has been stored in a proper climate control setting. Of course it has a 4+3 transmission and all GM Chevy options. The carpet has been protected with liners and all seats have been covered since purchase. There is little or no signs of wear. This car was purchased as an investment. The owner now wants to sell it and understands that the automotive market is on the down side. His asking price is $38,000 but is negotiable. I have not seen this car live but I strongly suspect that it is everything that the owner says it is at this time. The car is located here in the north Georgia area.

This is a fully stock Callaway car which does includes a set of Dymags and emblems. The one key thing here is that this car is TRIPLE BLACK. To the best of my knowledge, it may well be the only one made in 1988 that is still in showroom condition. If anyone is interested, David and I will gladly contact the owner and check out the car. Only serious inquiries only please.

There was a rumor floating around here for the last 10 years about a doctor buying a 1988 triple black Callaway. It is no longer a rumor…… This may well be the best example of a Callaway convertible from the period of 1987 to 1988.
Hmmmm, wonder where you heard about that car... :D
That is all you Stan! Buy it and bring it to the Reunion!!! :Twist

No more convertibles for now!

I still cannot seat in a Corvette without some pain. Doctor says another month or so and things should be back to normal.

Things sound good regarding Carlisle. We are really looking forward to it.

Got to run...Take care

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