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Injector Problem



I am placing a 1996 Grand Sport Motor into a 1975 vette. I am trying to make the motor run before I place the body back on the frame. My problem is that the fuel injectors will not fire with the fuel running through the rails. If I put fuel in through the throttle body the injectors pulsate until the fuel runsout. They will not allow any fuel to pass through them to the manifold. The motor has sat without fuel for 3 years. Is it possible that the fuel injectors (all 8) froze closed in that time?

Can someone offer some advice on checking these things?Any help would be appreciated. By the way, fuel pressure is almost 50psi.
Are you getting a pulse to the injectors? If you are and they still don't work just start tapping on the injectors while you put fuel into the throttle body to try to keep it running the multech injectors can stick especiliy if in a car that sits for a while they can sometimes free up if you tap on them but first make sure it's getting a pulse if you took the PCM from a vette then there is a chance you need to inform the PCM to turn the injectors on you see in the Corvette you have a VATs system with the pelet in the key if the CCM does not sen a siginal to the PCM that the key is correct it will not turn the injectors on. If this is the case let me know I willl have to do some looking into how you can get by this.

David Fulcher
Pulsates, No VATS

David, thanks for your reply. I am not running the VATS and the Injectors will not pulsate. I will email you more detail about my project and maybe you can help point me in a direction.

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