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Installed new opti-spark in 92 base corvette and now won't start

Following this thread, did you ever redo that intake? Post an update please.
Yes I did and didn't help. What it was , was the IAC valve that I just installed in it was bad. My bad, it was a $15 part so replaced with one that was $90. Just goes to show you, don't by cheap parts. Still runs a little rough but just won an auction for a snap-on 2500 scanner so will finally be able to do some test as per saig in the
Update, after overhauling the heads, adjustable fuel pressure regulator and new MSD opti-spark it turn out to be the computer. I sent it to 4 places and finally the last said it was fried. Well after finding out it was impossible to find one I asked the last place what to do and they gave me the number to a place had not only one but two ECM's, it was $650 but my corvette is finally on the rode running great. Thanks all for you help
Thanks for the update! Glad you finally hoy it figured out.
Willie Nelson would be proud !

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