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Installing the trailing arms


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Jun 20, 2001
Valrico, Fl.
1969 Triple Black Convertible: 2014 Crys Red Conv
I got my t-arms back from Van Steel yesterday and couldn't wait to get them in. When looking at the tight area for installing the bolt back in place along with the arm I came up with an idea. Has anyone else done this? I took about 3' of 30lb fishing line and tied it to the new bolt (thru the key hole), threaded the fishing line from the inside toward the center(arm and shims area), down and thru the arm, back up and out the otherside. I then pulled the line untill the bolt was about to enter into the center section, laid the arm up in place, and pulled the bolt thru the arm and out the otherside with the fishing line. This took about 3 mins to do. This was GREAT! Since I could not get my hand or a wrench on the inside ( 2 fuel lines and a brake line in the way). I did the same thing on the otherside, and IT'S DONE!
Again, I don't know if anyone else has tried this, but it worked great for me. Boy it's nice seeing this thing come back together.
Just thought I'd share a tip (an experience) with you guy's. I know I get a lot of tips from the rest of you guy's.

Chris, I am putting the 4:11 back in for now. I'm going to wait about a month and make the change to the 3:36 (need more money!).

I wish you had posted that tip a week ago! I too just finished installing my T-Arms, and did it the hard way, even have the scrapes on my hand to prove it.

The only "trick" I used was to insert an allen key, as big as would fit, thru the slot from the outside to keep the Arm and bolt hole lined up while I fought the bolt in.

Keep us updated on any other tips you come across. I hope to finish rebuilding my rear this weekend.

By the way, any idea what you can use to hold the Forward Differential mount bolt head still while torqueing the nut? I can't seem to get anything in there, maybe a crows foot?

Steve :w
Steve, Did you remove your driveshaft? With the driveshaft removed, I was able to use a socket on a half-inch drive to hold the bolt in place while tightening the nut.
Good luck,

Actually, I unbolted the driveshaft when I took the rear out, but never removed it. Then I bolted it back in thinking I could torque the forward mount bolt in later on.

Minor miscalculation there! :hb

I picked up a stubby and crows foot to try, otherwise I guess I'll have to unbolt the driveshaft.

Steve :w
Well, after taking most of the skin off my knuckles, I broke down and unbolted the driveshaft to get at that bolt head. From there it was a piece of cake.

That should teach me to try shortcuts!

Thanks for the tip!

Steve :w
STill trying to get mine out at this point, but will remember this trick when the time comes

Super tip. My T-arms should be back from VTech late this week. I'm loading up the fising line. I'll bet I can do it with 20# test line. More satisfaction to get the big one on smaller tackle. Keep them comming.


I just installed a new Front differential bushing and used an offset box end. It is about a 1 inch drop from the main handle with the box end parallel to the main handle. Worked well. Sockets and standard box ends didnot fit. Drive shaft was still attached. see attached photo.

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