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Intake manifold options



What are my performance options that will fit under a stock hood of a 75 L-48? Is there a "best" for goal est. 375-425hp and 400-450 tq?
A Performer 2101 will do it on a 383 w/ good heads.

Manual or auto. & what C.I.?
I agree, the Edelbbrock 2101 Performer is a nice intake at reasonable price.

Eldebrock has a new manifold called a EPS. It was built just for the 350 CI chevy with a square bore carb. It is advertised has being a better performer then any of their prior manifolds for a 350 chevy street driven motor. Check new products.www.edelbrock.com
I'll be removing mine shortly, along with the 1406 carb with electric choke and cruise control adapter if you're looking for these cheap. I have no use for them as I bought a complete 383 recently.

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