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Interior Lighting Problem



I am having a problem with my interior lights. They come on if I turn the headlight switch all the way, however, they do not come on when I open a door. I'm not sure where to start looking for this problem. Since they dont come on when either or both doors are open, I dont think its in the door plungers. Have any of you encountered this problem? Where should I look for something like this. Also, on an electrical note, what is the best way to run wire from the rear to the front of the car. I want to rewire the old alarm switch as a kill switch, but havent the foggiest how to get the wire through the car. Have the same issue with running a new antenna lead. Any help would be appreciated.
No worries here.

First, it is most likely the door switch. Here is the good news. Your local auto parts store should carry them for a whole $2 or $3 a piece. You need to get a right and left specific. Yank the kick panel out, and cut the wires going to the back of the door pin switch(pull the courtesy fuse or disconnect the battery first).

Unscrew it from the door jamb. It should be a deep 7/16". Get two new ones, thread them in, solder the wires, adjust the depth as needed by hooking the power back up and closing the door looking for the light to go its thing. you can thread the switch in and out a tad to get it just right.

Running the wire is easy. There is a nice pair of grommets on the driver side rear panel just next to the inner wheel well. You can push a wire through there (pull the carpet up first). snake the wire back to the alarm. On the other end, tuck it down in with the factory tail section harness that runs above the driver frame rail down on the inside edge of the rocker molding and up to the fuse panel.
Hello Hijinx,i'm sandro from italy.
I had the same problem with my 81 corvette,i just repaired the timer relay and the lights goes on.
where is this relay...i think i have the same problem..
Behind the glove box,on the right side.

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