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Interior Lights Won't Turn Off


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Jan 25, 2015
SE Missouri
1979 L82 Corvette Green
Looked through history and saw a few similar posts but none included report of problem discovery or success.

1979 interior lights will not turn off.

I've removed the delay timer and jumped white wires in the connector. Have verified proper door switch operation. Headlamp switch removed and tested switch (ok).

What's left?
No need to jumper the two white wires. Just remove the delay timer. If the lights stay on check at the light switch (rrotate the knob) if this doesn't turn the lights off then there's a ground somewhere that there shouldn't be
Courtesy lights worked only from the headlamp switch. When installing the delay timer lights came on for a moment. Found short in the harness somewhere between there and the breakout for the glovebox light. Must remove dash or perhaps loosen the right side enough to get access to the harness.

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