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Interior restoration problem



I am having a hard time removing the interior door lock knobs on my 1965 Convertable. Is there a clip behind the knob similar to the window crank handles? I'll be darned if I can see one, and I'm being extra careful because I don't want to mess up my door panels by prying to much. All the pictures I've seen show no clip behind the knob, only a spacer.

Thanks in advance for any advise.
On my '66 there is a clip just like the window cranks but harder to get off. I am pretty sure the '65 is the same. The clips are installed so that if the lock is straight up and down, then the clip will be installed sideways, or parrallel to the ground - take your time, go at it from the front to the back with a GM window crank clip removal tool, if you can't get it off that way - try going from the rear to the front as the clip can be installed both ways. Remember to put it back together so that you can pop the clip off by sliding the tool from the front to the rear - I think it is easier to get off that way.
Appreciate the help


Thanks for the advise. You're probably right, the '65 and '66 are probably the same. I figured there was some type of clip behind the knob, I just can't see it. I'll give it a shot in a couple of weeks and let you know if it works.

Thanks for the advise,
Lock Removal

J Lance, hey guy, nice write-up on the lock removal. I have not tried it myself, but your advice may benefit me some day. Cheers!
65 lock handle removal

Lance is correct, and gave a very good explanation. I performed this exact extraction on my 65 convertable recently. By the way, I used an OLD clip removal tool that has been used a lot over the years and had NO sharp edges. If you have a new tool, you may want to deburr the business end so as NOT to scratch up your door interior.

Bo Dillingham

PS For those of you who might remember the story of how I got my car, the nephew that I am saving it for is named "Lance".
J Lance and Bo:

Thanks for the advise and I'm happy to report it worked!
I'm sure they will be a lot easier to put back on then to get off.

Appreciate the help,


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