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Is it Lowered?



I recently bought a 98 Convertible. Am the third owner. It's a beautiful car and I love it. My only complaint is that it's too low. suspect that it has been lowered. Have a problem getting in driveways, over speed bumps and on the freeway if I encounter a discontinuity in the road, it's really noticeable. Visually, without making measurement, it appears that it is definitely lower that other Vettes of the same year. I would estimate at least an inch and a half.
Is there an easy way to tell if it has been lowered? Would it involve tweeking the stock suspension or the addition of after-market hardware.
This is my 4th Corvette, I had a 81, 85 and 93 Fortieth Anniversary model. Since I'm a little older I thought I had finally outgrown Vettes. Made the mistake of sitting in and driving a 98. Here I go again.
Would appreciate any and all help.
Big Nic
Welcome Nic

Hi Nic,
Welcome to CAC. Friendly people and lots of Corvette info. Looks like you couldn't get Corvette Fever out of your blood!

Welcome to the Action Center Nic. After 4 Corvettes you should know that being bitten by the 'Vette bug is a life long affliction.:D

I'm not to fimilar with lowering C5's, but on C4's it's rather complicated to lower the front, you have to do a lot of work with the suspension and such. The rear is fairly simple though, all you need to do is remove a couple of bolts and install longer ones. The easiest way to check if your 'Vette has been lowered is to take it to the dealer and let them check it, or you can do as you have all ready done and compair it to another '98 that you know has not been lowered.



Welcome to the CACC . Look around this site, you will find many interesting features here.

I don't know if your 98 has been lowered, it sounds like it has been by your description. I have a C4 that is low and with an aftermarket air dam I only have 2 1/2" clearance on front end. Like you I have to watch where I go with it. Someone else here is more familiar with C5's and can tell you what to look for.
While not knowing the "stock" ride height numbers off the top of my head, the procedure for raising the car is simple. There are two 8mm studs on each end of your front spring,just screw them in to set the front height, if you can't screw them in, the vehicle has not been altered. It helps to have the car in the air with some type of jack pushing up on the spring lightly. Kent tools does sell a tool to aid in doing this, but it can be done without one.
The rear is done in a similar way. Tighten the bolts down to raise the rear.( And now the disclaimer :) ) Be sure to follow the procedures as outlined in the Chevrolet service manual on raising you car as damage can occur. The other option is to bring the car to my shop and let us do it for you. www.guldstrand.com

I am not sure, about the ride height, but I have seen a Mallet 435 next to a regular C5. The Mallet is Lowered, and there was a big difference and you could definately tell that it was lowered. I am not sure how much they lower it though, so it could be different. I would say go to a dealer to find out for sure.

No longer lowered!

Thanks to all for the response. My 98 is no longer a low rider. Wasn't a bad job returning to stock. I gained about an inch and a half in the front. Will get the alignment checked next week and am anxious to see if the ride is better. Getting in and out of the driveway sure will be! Couldn't get the stock rear bolts without special ordering so pulled the ones that were installed to lower it which were 6 inches long and bought grade 8 bolts, 5 inches long. Used 9/16 diameter instead of the metric. Think they will work fine. Again thanks for all the help. (I also machined some plugs to fit the front jacking points and modified my floor jacks to receive the plug, worked great).

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