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Is there a way to keep engine on all 8 all the time?


Aug 24, 2022
2023 C8
Aside from having putting trans in manual to have all 8. Is there a way to bypass this function and have all 8cyliders all the time without having to put trans into manuel?

Not concerned with fuel economy.

I also understand some of you say don't feel the difference. You just may drive in a way to where it doesn't matter to you.

However, for those of us who race, we can feel delay in throttle reaction time.
Haven't actually seen one specifically for a C8, but I know there are add-ons to do just this function for other vehicles, so I can't imagine that there's not one for the C8.
I just checked my 2021 manual and the chart that shows what is working and what is not on page 210/211 shows that AFM is disabled in "Track Mode".

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